Round 18, 2015 Penny

Technical Analysis prior to R18, 2015

By Penny Dredfell

Added 29 Jul 2015

While fundamental analysis (used by most media tipsters) takes into account the ability of the two competing teams, the home ground advantage, injuries, team changes etc, technical analysis looks for trends and patterns which explain the otherwise inexplicable.

Reviewing last week: the analysis was very good; but I was just a bit wimpy on it; I should have gone stronger on the Dogs; apart from that, it was very good (correctly tipping a slight outsider to win)

This week, there is almost nothing of interest in terms of technical analysis. But I will look at the Dockers / Giants game.  The Giants have played the Dockers three times – all in Perth.  Those games have yielded three big wins for Fremantle – by 95, 113 and 76 points.

The Giants have also played the Eagle sin Perth twice – for a 111 and 87 point win.

It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in tipping them. To make things harder, they are on the road for the third week in a row (an away game at the Gold Coast, then a home game at Canberra – and now the dreaded trip west).

All this suggests that the Dockers should win easily.  But there is also a possibility of a letdown after the Dockers miracle win just before the siren.  I reckon the “third week on the road” factor will have more impact than the Docker letdown factor.

Of course, the lucky win by the Dockers could also snap them out of a mini form slump.

The experts reckon the Dockers should win by 4 – 5 goals.  I will tip them as certs and to win by 6+ goals