Recent additions to the page.

Added March 2019

The 2019 season quick preview is being added


Added Dec 2018 – a belated congratulations to the West Coast Eagles – 2018 premiers

Added 17 April: important: Gauntlet tipping begins this week on the AFL website; update will be in 2018 area rounds 1-8 soon

Added 26 March: don’t forget that round 2 begins on Thursday night 29 March 2018

Added 22 March: season preview and comments round 1 under 2018 tab

Added 12 March 2018
The 2018 season is almost upon us; the AFLX came and went; the JLT is finished, the AFLW is heading to an exciting climax; and round 1 begins on Thursday 22 March 7.25pm eastern (note the often earlier than usual start time!)

Congratulations to Richmond!  2017 premiers and first flag since 1980

Don’t forget! Get your tips in before the first Easter Thursday game on 13 April 2017!

April 2017: 2017 has some drop down menus – including weekly previews and reviews for most weeks

28 Feb 2017: 2017 will be a different year, but a 2017 page will be added soon; more detail to come

A BIIIG congratulations to the Dogs for winning the 2016 Grand Final

Congratulations to the Hawks for their 2015 BIG premiership victory; the win promotes them to the title of best team in the 21st century (with 4 flags); for those who were cheering for the underdog and looking for a positive vibe, then Ryan Schoenmakers is your man; given little hope of breaking into the team, he decided to stay for 2015, forced his way in and made a valuable contribution

Added 22 July 2015:  here it is – the new web page; most things work the same way as the old one! Just use the drop down menus to find week by week info

Added 16 July 2015:  there will be a new look to the webpage coming soon.  Don’t be alarmed!  It will still have the same content and features!

Added 4 May 2015:    For those trying to win the Gauntlet in the AFL tipping website, here is a good guide to do it:


Each week in the footy season: a preview added by 3AM Friday before the first game (earlier is there is a Thursday game); a review is published early the following week (usually on Monday) and is done on the same document.  An early Preview for the following round is also added at this time.  See “2015 Season” and the drop down boxes for details

31 Mar 2015: in 2015 (P)reviews
each team is previewed and rated for the 2015 season.  The work (unlike most other previews) has been done after the Collingwood and Essendon news on 30 & 31 March.

26 Mar 2015: in 2015 (P)reviews – this is the final list of how each player has gone, how their 2014 pre-season, 2014 season and 2015 pre-season went

10 Mar 2015: in 2015 (P)reviews – use drop down menu to select relevant team; the tables can be easily downloaded to a spreadsheet.  The data is not quite complete, but will be updated regularly before R1. The 2014 Pre-season and 2015 Pre-season data will be most useful for Supercoach / Dream Team players

28 Feb 2015: small note:  The Crows host the Roos tomorrow in the NAB Cup.  The Crows are only slight favourites but should win well.  This is because the Roos went much later into the 2014 finals series; also – although both teams seem to have similar numbers of best 22 players out, the Roos are playing several players who are significantly underdone.  Ans also the Crows may be more “UP” for this game after the disappointment of 2014.