2013 Pre-Season Guide2


2013 Pre-Season (oft referred to as PS hereafter) Teams and Players Guide Part 2

Updated 19 Mar 2013 after all NAB Cup matches completed and this is THE LAST UPDATE for the season

See 2013 Pre-Season Guide for Adelaide to GWS

The purpose of this page is to collate in one place all the data relating to teams and also their individual players.  The page will note injuries, players who are on the improve and relevant data that will effect team and player performance.

Rookies and new recruits will generally not be mentioned (because many of them will have little impact on the team’s performance during the year).  Exceptions will be made for those who have significant injuries or who may play a genuine role in the senior team during 2013.

Use “Ctrl F” to find teams and/or players

As the Nab Cup progresses, players who had problems / injuries / missed weeks of  PS in 2012 but are faring better in PS 2013 will be highlighted.  This will help to assess both the player and overall team performance.

When it gets closer to game 1, some potential DT+SC tips may be given.  However, the main purpose is to assist with analysis and get people started on the right foot with their 2013 tipping.

This is a quick beginning and more detailed data will follow throughout January.

The data below is sorted by team, then by senior list alphabetically, then by rookies alphabetically.

After each player’s name, the date refers to the date on which the data was added to the database.  It should then be added to the website within a week of that date.

Sources for information:

Club websites

AFL website

Herald Sun

The Age



SEN 1116

And others


Anderson, Jed      15 Mar        coach likes him and said “he would feature at some stage this year”. Played NAB1,2,3 and did okay. Named NAB4

Breust, Luke                  15 Mar        looks to have improved endurance; Copped a leg injury NAB2; missed NAB3 and named NAB4

Burgoyne, Shaun 15 Mar        ankle surgery post 2012 season; in full training Jan; missed NAB1&2; okay NAB3 and names NAB4

Ellis, Xavier         18 Mar        Missed NAB1&2 with a calf injury. Low numbers in NAB3&4. Subbed off at half time NAB4 with a leg injury, so virtually no hope to be picked R1

Franklin, Lance    18 Mar        Did well NAB2&4 and missed NAB3 with a corkie.  Cloke was below average last year when he delayed contract talks.  Lance will be watched with interest

Gunston, Jack      18 Mar        looks to have improved endurance. Played NAB1&2; rested NAB3 and starred NAB4 playing off half back

Hale, David 18 Mar        Missed NAB3 with an ankle.  Starred NAB4 and (rightly) cleared by the MRP on 18 Mar

Hallahan, Mitchell       10 Jan  improved endurance

Hill, Bradley                  25 Jan         improved endurance and size

Hodge, Luke                  17 Jan         PCL knee surgery post 2012 season; may miss the early rounds of 2013

Lake, Brian 15 Mar        Good PS generally. Player NAB1A but missed NAB2 with calf tightness, then also missed NAB3&4

Lewis, Jordan 10 Jan  shoulder surgery post 2012 season; fully right Jan

Mitchell, Sam       18 Mar        Starred NAB3&4. NAB4 – wet and miserable – suited his style of play

Osborne, Michael 02 Feb        recovering from ACL and was originally not expected to play R1, but in late Jan he mentioned a hope to play late NAB Cup

Patton, Jonathon  07 Mar        knee surgery post 2012 season, but did well in the late 2012 part of the 2013 PS.  Okay NAB1, then corked quad NAB2 and came off

Puopolo, Paul      28 Feb        Bruised bone in NAB1. May be right for R1

Rioli, Cyril  15 Mar        One or 2 minor niggles in PS before an ankle injury in NAB1 put him in a moon boot. Missed the rest of NAB Cup

Roughead, Jarryd        10 Jan  ankle surgery post 2012 season

Savage, Shane      15 Mar        many vests 2012; Okay NAB2&3 then not named for NAB4

Sewell, Brad         18 Mar        Missed NAB1&3. Just fair NAB2 and named in the best for NAB4

Shiels, Liam         18 Mar        Had a late start to the 2013 PS. Missed NAB1,2,3 and named in the best for NAB4

Simpkin, Jonathan         15 Mar        Wore green vest 3 out fo 4 games last year at Geelong. Played all of NAB Cup this year and has done well.

Spangher, Matthew       18 Mar        Played all NAB Cup and has done ok; in the mix for R1

Suckling, Matthew         15 Mar        ACL injury NAB3 and expected to miss the season

Whitecross, Brendan     28 Feb        recovering from ACL and will miss a fair chunk of the season

Woodward, Alex  17 Jan         did his aACL in Jan and set to miss the entire 2013 season


Kilkenny, Ciaran  17 Jan         returned to Ireland and not coming back


Melbourne‘s 2012 PS was a shocker with many players injured or underdone.  This time it has been a lot better, so expect a lot of players to show improvement.  Of course, they are coming from a long way back!  And they have moved on a whole heap of players! 
Rawlings said the club was better placed now than it was 12 months ago when massive changes occurred in both the personnel and the approach of the football department.

Last year there were so many changes that we were looking to implement, not for the sake of it [but] just because of the way Neeldy [coach Mark Neeld] and the strength and conditioning [staff] wanted to do things,” Rawlings said.

After 12 months it starts to become habit and the players understand now we’re not suffering fools, we’re not waiting for anyone, we’re serious about wanting to be good and if you want to jump on board, this is how we do it.

Bail, Rohan         28 Feb        Good pre-season after troubles in 2012. Missed NAB1 with concussion and has been removed from contact drills for 6 weeks. Seems certain to miss the start of the season

Blease, Sam          28 Feb        looks to have improved on 2012.  But injured his ankle in NAB1 and likely to miss the start of the season

Byrnes, Shannon  15 Mar        Played NAB1&3 + named for NAB4. Numbers only average so far

Clark, Mitchell     15 Mar        on a modified program pre Christmas after missing late 2012 with a foot injury. Begins running in mid Jan. With rehab group until joined main training 07 Mar. Coach says he is a chance to play R1, but unlikely now

Davey, Aaron       15 Mar        had an interrupted PS in 2012 and struggled thereafter.   Herald Sun reported today: “But Jones was adamant Davey’s fitness has improved since December”. So we wonder why he wasn’t fit in December!! Doesn’t sound good, but watch in NAB Cup. Just fair in NAB Cup and training as a forward

Dawes, Chris        15 Mar        minor setbacks pre Christmas with a calf injury; in full training Jan; Played NAB1A without doing much and missed NAB1B; Hammie caused him to miss NAB2,3,4 and some chance to play R1

Fitzpatrick, Jack          10 Jan  ankle surgery post 2012 season. In full training Jan

Frawley, James    18 Mar        missed a training session late Jan; played NAB1A&B with low numbers. Required plastic surgery for a facial injury in NAB1. Came back for NAB3 and just average, then named NAB4 but pulled out

Garland, Colin     17 Jan         missed a training session mid Jan

Gawn, Max          02 Feb        missed all of 2012 with a knee and then did a hammie in early pre-season. With rehab group and hopes to play early in regular season. Put on Long Term Inury list in late Jan and will remain there for at least all the NAB Cup

Grimes, Jack        02 Feb        minor setbacks pre Christmas. In full training Jan and looking good.  Assistant coach Jade Rawlings said “Grimes can be an A-grade midfielder in time”, so look for him to play mid in the NAB  Cup

Howe, Jeremy      28 Feb        a top trainer in PS. Did very well NAB1A before low numbers NAB1B

Jamar, Mark                10 Jan  minor setbacks in PS. In full training Jan

Jetta, Neville        15 Mar        first full pre-season and improved; may play in defence. Good in NAB2 before missing NAB3. Named for NAB4

Jones, Matt          18 Mar        a ready made player, according to Neeld. Played NAB1B,2&4 and did extra well NAB4.  Big chance to debut R1

Jones, Nathan              10 Jan  slightly hampered by foot soreness in PS. In full training Jan

Kent, Dean 15 Mar        Did well NAB1A &2, but not named NAB3&4, so not likely to debut R1

McDonald, Tom   15 Mar        improved fitness. Ankle injury at training 26Feb and will miss NAB2,3&4

McKenzie, Jordie  15 Mar        Assistant Coach Jade Rawlings noted on 29 Jan that Jordie has done a full PS.  He had significant interuptions to his PS in both 2011 and 2012. Played NAB1, missed NAB2 and was due to play NAB3 but came down with gastro. Named for NAB4

Pedersen, Cameron        15 Mar        NAB Cup numbers NAB1,2&3 quite poor

Rodan, David             11 Jan  impressed in PS at his new club

Strauss, James             10 Jan  first full pre-season and improved

Sylvia, Colin        07 Mar        had an interrupted PS in 2012, starring in early PS, but not with the main group for a mid Jan session. Reported to have a back injury; average scores NAB1&2. Rolled an ankle NAB2 but not too serious.

Strauss, James     15 Mar        first full pre-season and improved.  Missed NAB1&3; played ok NAB2 and named NAB4

Taggert, Rory              10 Jan  missed most of 2012 and on a slightly modified program, but doing well

Tapscott, Luke                        10 Jan  minor issues pre Christmas. In full training Jan

Terlich, Dean        18 Mar        looks good on the track and watch in NAB Cup. Taken to hospital 01 Feb after a knock to the head / neck area. Did very well NAB2&3. Jack Grimes spoke highly of him on SEN 07 March; great figures NAB4

Toumpas, Jimmy 28 Feb        club says he “will be taken along slowly” after hip surgery in August. Joined full training late Jan. Did very well NAB1B

Trengove, Jack     07 Mar        foot injury late 2012 and will miss a big block of training. With rehab group until 07 Mar then in with main group

Tynan, Josh                 10 Jan  foot injury delayed PS. In full training Jan

Viney, Jack 15 Mar        is tipped to be a starter R1. Okay in NAB1; neck problems caused him to miss NAB3&4 which puts him in some doubt for the season opener

Watts, Jack 18 Mar        minor setbacks pre Christmas. In full training Jan.  Starred NAB4


Evans, Michael            10 Jan  missed most of 2012 and on a slightly modified program

Magner, James     18 Mar        Training away from the main group for a mid Jan session. Still a rookie, but NAB Cup form suggests an upgrade is virtually a cert prior to R1


02 Feb                            had to train at Craigieburn for most of the PS while the Arden Street Oval gets revamped

Adams, Leigh       18 Mar        shoulder surgery post 2012 season. Yet to resume full training late Jan. Resumed NAB3 and did okay. Improved further NAB4

Atley, Shaun               10 Jan  starring on the track

Bastinac, Ryan            10 Jan  starring on the track

Black, Aaron        25 Jan         has shown improvement PS 2013

Curran, Tom                10 Jan  Foot surgery in Jun and rejoined main training Dec

Currie, Daniel       18 Mar        Mature aged ruck via Swans & Nth Adelaide. Did well NAB1B when Goldstein didn’t do much and Daw played well. Did very well NAB2 & 3 and okay NAB4 when played about a half

Daw, Majak         15 Mar        Upgraded rookie doing well on the track.  Did very well NAB1, but developed swelling in both knees after the game; resumed NAB3 and did well; named NAB4

Delaney, Luke      28 Feb        Had an interrupted PS in 2012. Did well NAB1

Firrito, Michael           10 Jan  minor post season knee surgery and on a modified program. Due back in full training Jan

Garner, Taylor             10 Jan  post 2012 season shoulder surgery and on a modified program

Gibson, Sam                10 Jan  starring on the track

Grima, Nathan     18 Mar        Missed NAB1,2 with a back injury. Played VFL NAB3 and then did very well NAB4, but ran out of puff late. Almost certain to play R1, according to coach

Gysberts, Jordan 15 Mar        had a poor PS in 2012 after a reasonable 2011. Has impressed at the Roos and did okay NAB1. Darren Crocker likes him and says he is in the mix for R1

Hine, Taylor         18 Mar        post 2012 season shoulder surgery and on a modified program.  Played NAB4, reported, but cleared by MRP

Jacobs, Ben 28 Feb        late 2012 season surgery on both ankles; in full training Jan.  Did very well NAB1A and then rested NAB1B

Harper, Kieran                        10 Jan  starring on the track

Harvey, Brent      25 Jan         will miss the first 6 rounds of 2013, but can play NAB Cup

Hine, Taylor                10 Jan  post 2012 season shoulder surgery and on a modified program

Jacobs, Ben           25 Jan         late 2012 season surgery on both ankles; in full training Jan

McMahon, Scott  28 Feb        minor post season hip surgery and on a modified program. Due back in full training Jan. Starred in NAB1A

Mullett, Aaron     28 Feb        Upgraded rookie who did okay NAB1

Petrie, Drew                   02 Feb        Given an extended break over the PS to refresh by coach Brad Scott (similar to Mark Thompson giving his team extra time off after the 2009 flag). This leaves doubts on him running out the 2013 season well

Richardson, Cameron 10 Jan  hip problems and on a modified program

Sierakowski, William     28 Feb        had a minor interruption to his 2012 PS.  Did very well NAB1A, before being quiet NAB1B

Swallow, Andrew 28 Feb        Excelled NAB1

Thompson, Scott. 28 Feb        Starred NAB1A

Wells, Daniel        28 Feb        calf and achilles injuries and on a restricted program trying to get him ready for late NAB Cup or R1. Still not in full training at the beginning of Feb 2013, but played NAB1B and did okay

Wilkins, Mitchell         10 Jan  post 2012 season shoulder surgery and on a modified program

Wood, Mason             10 Jan  on a slightly modified program

Wright, Samuel    28 Feb        Starred NAB1A

Ziebell, Jack         28 Feb        Sent in for a knee “clean-up” in Jan and was due to miss some NAB Cup action, but played NAB1B and did well



07 Mar        New fitness boss Darren Burgess has the boys working harder than ever.  Watch NAB Cup form to see how much improvement this plan yields.  The club landed a big sponsor in early March!

Boak, Travis        18 Mar        starred NAB4

Broadbent, Matthew      15 Mar        starring on the track. Average scores in NAB1,2,3

Butcher, John       18 Mar        hip surgery post 2012 season; expected to be running by Christmas. Due to commence full training early Feb. Missed NAB1, 2 & 3.  Played NAB4. coming on in 2H, but injured a hand.  Doesn’t appear to be serious, but unlikely to play R1 with limited game time

Carlile, Alipate     15 Mar        Apparently unfit in 2012 and fitter in 2013. NAB Cup scores have been low

Cassisi, Domenic  15 Mar        In hospital with viral meningitis over Christmas period. Expected to be right for NAB Cup; returned to full training late Jan. Calf injury and missed NAB Cup. Expected to be ready for R1, but underdone

Clurey, Tom         11 Jan  injured in 2012 which has slightly affected PS

Colquhoun, Sam  15 Mar        Played NAB1,2,3 – doing very well NAB2. Named for NAB4 and would be a chance for R1

Ebert, Brett 15 Mar        Played NAB1A then missed the rest of the NAB Cup with a hammie. Likely to be right ofr R1

Gray, Robbie        15 Mar        rehabbing from ACL knee op in 2012 season. Missed entire NAB Cup but selected for a SANFL trial match in week of NAB4

Hitchcock, Cameron      17 Jan         Has Plantar Fascia; will need an op and set to resume full training mid / late Feb

Lobbe, Matthew   28 Feb        interrupted PS in 2012 and now reported to be flying on the track; but missed NAB1 with a hammie

Logan, Tom          07 Mar        patella injury. Played no NAB Cup games and aiming for R1

Monfries, Angus  15 Mar        Kane Cornes says Monfries is doing well in PS, and apparently has been training exclusively as a midfielder.  Did very well NAB1 but injured a hammie and will miss NAB2&3. selected for NAB4

Neade, Jake 28 Feb        Lightest player in the AFL.  Did well NAB1A. Coach likes him

O’Shea, Cameron 15 Mar        Coach liked his NAB1 game and mentioned him without being asked. Played NAB2,3 with fair numbers and selected NAB4

Pittard, Jasper      18 Mar        bulked up in PS. Did okay NAB1 & starred NAB4

Renouf, Brent       18 Mar        knee surgery post 2012 season; expected to be running by Christmas. Missed NAB1,2,3; played half a game NAB4 and will play in the SANFL “NAB5”

Salter, Nick 15 Mar        on a modified program. Plantar Fascia and missed NAB Cup. Listed as indefinite on the Port injury list

Shaw, Mason       11 Jan  injured in 2012 which has slightly affected PS

Stevenson, Lewis 15 Mar        Plated entire NAB Cup with fair numbers.  In the mix for R1

Stewart, Daniel    28 Feb        hip & shoulder surgery post 2012 season. But returned to play NAB 1B

Wines, Oliver       18 Mar        impressed coaches and may be a ready made player. Did okay NAB1; then terrific NAB 2 & 3.  Played first half NAB4 and did okay

Wingard, Chad 15 Mar        improved further, according to reports. NAB figures are healthy

Young, Aaron      15 Mar        wore vest a lot 2012. Very good numbers NAB2 then low in NAB3. Named NAB4


Jonas, Thomas     10 Jan  knee surgery post 2012 season

Mitchell, Kane      18 Mar        Has posted good numbers in NAB1&2, but disposal is a concern.  Coach says he is not yet “over the line” to be upgraded by round 1.  Between the lines, he is 95% there.  Struggled in NAB3 when given a tagging role; got plenty of the ball NAB4 and only played a quarter

Pfeiffer, Darren           10 Jan  shoulder surgery post 2012 season


Arnot, Matthew   28 Feb        starring on the track; played NAB1B and looked okay

Astbury, David    15 Mar        Interrupted PS 2012; doing well 2013 and NAB, but a foot injury will keep him out of NAB3&4. Prpbably won’t play seniors R1

Chaplin, Troy      15 Mar        knee surgery late 2012 season. Did not train with full group in Dec 2012 nor Jan 2013. Returned for NAB3&4

Conca, Reece        28 Feb        missed last 3 games of 2012 with a foot injury and ended up wearing a moon boot for 10 weeks. Was running Nov and training Dec. Yet to have a full PS in 4 years. Played NAB1 without starring

Cotchin, Trent      11 Jan  first full PS for some years

Deledio, Brett       18 Mar        knee surgery post 2012 season. Starred NAB3&4

Edwards, Shane   18 Mar        starring on the track.  Just fair NAB1,2&3 before starring NAB4

Ellis, Brandon      15 Mar        starring on the track; may go to the midfield. Did well NAB1; came on as sub NAB2 and did well again NAB3

Foley, Nathan      15 Mar        missed last half of 2012 with a heel injury and on a modified program. Did not train with full group in Dec 2012 nor Jan 2013. Club expect him back R5-7

Griffiths, Benjamin        25 Jan         This is his 4th PS and his first uninterrupted one. Has bulked up

Grimes, Dylan      15 Mar        hamstring op Nov. Did not train with full group in Dec 2012 but returned mid Jan. ruled out for R1 already

Helbig, Bradley    15 Mar        foot surgery post 2012 season and expects to be running in Dec. Missed entrie NAB Cup

Houli, Bachar       15 Mar        Starred NAB3

King, Jake   15 Mar        foot, wrist and PCL surgery post 2012 season. Did not train with full group in Dec 2012; came on as sub NAB2; did ok NAB3 and not named in squad NAB4

Knights, Chris      15 Mar        injury free PS and may do well. The club website lists him as in the best 22 in article Stars set to return (03 Mar 2013).  But he played NAB1 and wasn’t seen since

Maric, Ivan 18 Mar        groin op Nov and will miss NAB Cup; didn’t train with main group in Dec. Numbers just average in NAB1&3; rested NAB2 and starred NAB4

Martin, Dustin     15 Mar        lighter in PS 2013 and moving well. Coach said on 13 March, “put him in your Supercoach team”.  We should take the hint. He had a slight knee niggle mid Feb, but assume he is cvherry ripe to fire

Riewoldt, Jack      15 Mar        had post season hip surgery according to AFL website. On a restricted program and due to join in full training early Feb. Played entrie NAB Cup and scored reasonably

Stephenson, Orren         15 Mar        Played only NAB2&4.  Looks to be the main back-up for Maric

Tuck, Shane         18 Mar        Good figures NAB2, resrted NAB3 and starred NAB4

Vickery, Tyrone   15 Mar        shoulder surgery late 2012 season and a good 2013 PS. Played injured for much of 2012 and rumoured to be starring on the track now. Played entire NAB Cup with numbers just fair

Vlastuin, Nick      18 Mar        Midfield coach Danny Daly said he will play NAB1 and is a massive chance to play R1.  He played okay NAB1&2, rested NAB3 and did well NAB4


Lonergan, Sam     28 Feb        ankle injury means modified program – back in full training late Jan. set to play NAB2 or 3

Petterd, Ricky      19 Mar        achilles injury means modified program – back in full training late Jan. Did well NAB1A and rested 1B. Did well NAB2 and only fair NAB3. Playedd NAB4 and elevsated to the main list 19 Mar

Stephenson, Orren         19 Mar        Played only NAB2&4.  Looks to be the main back-up for Maric, especially since he was elevated to the main list on 19 Mar


Beginning of 2012, the Saints made ~ a dozen changes to their football dept as the new coach settled in.  Much more settled this time

02 Feb                  Few changes in 2013.  Tony McHale(‘s Navy) has moved into an assistant coaching role.  A better PS than in 2012. A intra-club match is scheduled for 09 Feb

Armitage, David   18 Mar        Starred NAB2&4

Dempster, Sean    15 Mar        adductor surgery post 2012 season. On a modified program; back in full training Jan. Did a hammie after NAB3 and miss miss the early rounds of the regular season

Dennis-Lane, Trent        15 Mar        Did okay NAB1; played entire NAB Cup, so must be in the mix for R1

Dunell, Sam         02 Feb        Coach likes him

Fisher, Sam           25 Jan         toe surgery post 2012 season. On a modified program; back in full training Jan; coach is very happy with him

Geary, Jarryn       25 Jan         played in defence in 2012, but training with the mids in PS

Gilbert, Sam                   17 Jan         shoulder surgery post 2012 season and was the only player NOT to go to Colorado. Back in full training first half Jan

Gwilt, James        28 Feb        missed early rounds of 2012 with a knee injury.  Is doing well this time with a full PS. Did well NAB1 and coach indicated that he is much improved in his second season after serious injury

Hayes, Lenny       15 Mar        heart valve surgery post 2012 season. In full training Dec; played ok NAB3 and named NAB4

Hickey, Tom        15 Mar        Did okay NAB1. Looks like being the 2nd ruck behind McEvoy

Jones, Clinton      10 Jan  starring on the track; was dropped in 2012 season. Watch in NAB Cup

Koschitzke, Justin          15 Mar        Low number NAB1&3 and not in the NAB4 squad. No cert to get a game in 2013

Lee, Tom    15 Mar        Did okay NAB1&3 and named NAB4.  Saints fans are divided on him at present

Markworth, Daniel      10 Jan  did his ACL in Colorado and expected to miss all of 2013

McEvoy, Ben       10 Jan  starring on the track

Milne, Stephen     25 Jan         On a modified program; back in full training Jan

Montagna, Leigh  18 Mar        starred NAB2, 3 & 4

Murdoch, Brodie        11 Jan  a chance for senior selection, according to asst coach Adam Kingsley. Warch in NAB Cup

Newnes, Jack       15 Mar        starring on the track. Coach likes him; played well NAB2&3 and named NAB4

Riewoldt, Nick     15 Mar        knee surgery post 2012 season. Easing into the season by playing NAB3&4

Roberton, Dylan  15 Mar        Did well NAB2&3. Named for NAB4

Ross, Sebastian    02 Feb        Coach likes him

Saad, Ahmed        10 Jan  sinus surgery post 2012 season

Saunders, Josh            11 Jan  a chance for senior selection, according to asst coach Adam Kingsley. Warch in NAB Cup

Schneider, Adam  15 Mar        foot surgery post 2012 season. Missed entire NAB Cup and must be doubtful for R1

Simpkin, Tom      15 Mar        Missed all NAB Cup.  Apparently has a quad injury

Stanley, Rhys       07 Mar        rumoured to be moving to full back; minor knee injury NAB2 and expected back for R1

Steven, Jack         18 Mar        The best trainer in PS.  Saints best NAB4

White, Spencer     28 Feb        broken wrist and on modified program; big wraps on him, but expect him to be a slow starter this year

Wilkes, Beau        15 Mar        Now called Beau Maister. Doing well in NAB Cup

Winmar, Nicholas          15 Mar        Sacked by the club

Wright, Nathan    07 Mar        a chance for senior selection, according to asst coach Adam Kingsley. Did well NAB2


Curren, Thomas   02 Feb        Captain likes him

Minchington, Darren     17 Jan         hip surgery in 2012 and yet to resume full training


A healthy list with the whole squad, bar for Goodes, Smith and Rohan, in full training in Dec       .

Bird, Craig  15 Mar        Missed NAB2 with a minor knee niggle. Subbed out NAB3 and named NAB4

Bolton, Jude                   25 Jan         impressing in PS

Everitt, Andrejs    15 Mar        Did very well NAB2&3

Goodes, Adam     18 Mar        nursing a knee injury and on a modified program – resumed training early Jan on a restricted basis. Played NAB3 and subbed out, then a bit scratchy in NAB4

Hannebery, Daniel         15 Mar        impressing in 2013 PS after an injury interrupted PS in 2012 . Starred NAB2 and then scored 73 DT points NAB3, but came on as a sub

Jack, Kieren         18 Mar        starred NAB4

Jetta, Lewis     11 Jan  impressed John Longmire in PS

Johnson, Alex      15 Mar        impressed John Longmire in PS. ACL in NAB3 and likely to miss the season

Kennedy, Josh P. 18 Mar        starred NAB3&4

Lamb, Jed   15 Mar        impressed John Longmire in PS, but not played NAB3&4

Lockyer, Jordan 25 Jan         interrupted PS 2012 with knee and illness issues, then season ruined by hammie problems.  PS this time a lot better, but not likely to be in best 22

Malceski, Nick     18 Mar        Calf injury and missed NAB1&2. Did very well after wearing green vest NAB3 and starred NAB4

Mattner, Martin   15 Mar        hip joint pain late 2012 and on a modified program PS. Likely to be a late starter in 2013.  Missed NAB1,2,3 and named for NAB4 with the view to play a half.

McGlynn, Ben      07 Mar        injured in 2012 finals series and then copped a calf injury in 2013 PS prior to Christmas.  Due to resume full training late Jan and played NAB2 starting as a sub

McVeigh, Jarrad   15 Mar        starred on 30 Jan practice match; also starred NAB3

Mitchell, Tom       28 Feb        2012 PS + regular season wiped out with injury. Also missed some of the 2013 PS with a knee and returned to training late Feb.  A ball magnet, but likely to be a slow starter in 2013

Morton, Mitch      15 Mar        had a back injury. Playing reserves for NAB4 and “NAB5”. Not likely to be 100% for R1

Mumford, Shane  15 Mar        no surgery needed for hammie which was a problem in 2012 finals. Ankle injury in Coffs Harbour late Jan and will resume full training early March. Came on as sub NAB3 for low numbers; named NAB4

O’Keefe, Ryan      25 Jan         impressing in PS

Parker, Luke         18 Mar        impressed John Longmire in PS; did well NAB2,3&4

Pyke, Mike 15 Mar        Dis well NAB2&3 and missed NAB4 with the imminent birth of his baby

Reid, Sam.      11 Jan  impressed John Longmire in PS

Richards, Ted       15 Mar        delayed PS start due to ankle issue late in 2012. In full training early Jan.  Did okay NAB1,2,3 and missed NAB4 with an ankle injury and expected to play R1

Rohan, Gary        28 Feb        recovering from a broken leg and on a restricted program. On 26 Feb, coach has indicated he is a long way off yet

Shaw, Rhyce        15 Mar        missed 30 Jan practice match; didn’t retunr until NAB3&4

Smith, Nick 15 Mar        had a scope on his knee post season and missed 8 weeks running. First training session 23 Feb and aiming for R1. Missed NAB1,2,3 and named for NAB4 with the view to play a half.

Tippett, Kurt   10 Jan  set to miss first 11 games of 2013 thru AFL suspension

Towers, Dean  11 Jan  the best of the recruits in PS training

Walsh, Tommy    15 Mar        shoulder reconstruction week after GF.  Missed NAB2&3 with a back injury, but named for NAB4

White, Jesse         18 Mar        Has produced good numbers in NAB1,2&3; NAB4 was just average and may struggle to get regular games


Rampe, Dane       15 Mar        The only Swans roolie to play NAB1,2 & 3. Hid did okay on all games, but no cert to be promoted just yet; could fill spot left by Alex Johnson


Colledge, Brant           10 Jan  minor hip op and due to resume training late Jan

Cox, Dean  15 Mar        finger injury and missed NAB1; played well NAB2&3

Cripps, Jamie       15 Mar        started in green vest NAB2, but on in 1Q after Embley injured. Did ok in NAB3 and coach says he is definitely in the mix for R1

Darling, Jack        15 Mar        Starred in NAB1A, then duck eggs in 1B (assume he didn’t play 1B); okay NAB2&3

Embley, Andrew  07 Mar        Interrupted PS in 2012, but flying on the track in PS 2013 and did well in NAB1; did his hammie 1Q of NAB2, but is a chance for R1

Hutchings, Mark  18 Mar        was tipped to be a starter R1. 2nd in Sandover medal in 2012.  Played NAB1, then not seen in NAB 2 & 3

Kennedy, Josh J.  15 Mar        Returned for NAB2 and then kicked 5 in NAB3

Kerr, Daniel         19 Mar        knee op 10 Dec and will miss NAB Cup and set to miss R1, 2 & 3

Lecras, Mark        15 Mar        missed much of 2012 and on track to resume R1. Played NAB1A,2&3

Lycett, Scott         15 Mar        flying on the track after having and did well in NAB1 in the absence of Nicnat & Cox. May be competing with Callum Sinclair for the 3rd ruck position

MacKenzie, Eric         10 Jan  minor post season hip op (not to be confused with modern music) and resumed training 17 Dec

Masten, Chris       15 Mar        excelled NAB1&2 before pulling out of NAB3 with quad tightness.

McGinnity, Patrick        15 Mar        Red vested NAB2 and then missed NAB3 with soreness

Morton, Cale        15 Mar        shoulder surgery in Aug in full training prior to Christmas; not seen in NAB Cup

Naitanui, Nicholas         19 Mar        groin op Nov and will miss NAB Cup, plus R1, 2 & 3

Newman, Murray 15 Mar        beaten by John Worsfold in a 2km time trial at the start of PS. Currently banned from playing until he meets fitness targets

Nicoski, Mark      18 Mar        missed much of 2012; resumed full training Jan, but placed on the long term injury list in mid March

Rosa, Matthew     19 Mar        returned from hammie NAB2 and finished with an icepack on his right hammie after being subbed out. Played OK NAB3 but pulled up sore. Diagnosed with compartment syndrome and surgery required. Will be out until R6 or 7

Selwood, Scott     15 Mar        flying on the track after having an interrupted 2012 PS; starred NAB2

Sheppard, Bradley         28 Feb        minor post season ankle op and resumed training 17 Dec. Missed NAB1 with a thumb injury

Waters, Beau        15 Mar        post season hip surgery; missed NAB1&2 but played NAB3

Wellingham, Sharrod     19 Mar        He had shots at goal and then went into the change rooms in Jan, according to Eagles website. Sounds like an interrupted PS, then injured an ankle while trampolining and WILL miss R1-4


Bennell, Jamie      17 Jan         knee op 2012 and due to return to play mid season

Dick, Brad  15 Mar        knee injury and not seen in NAB Cup

Sinclair, Callum   18 Mar        Rookie 200cm ruckman who is starring in WAFL PS.  Likely to be upgraded, given Nicoski being added to Long Term injury list


02 Feb                            The Bulldogs list is healthier than the same time last year. In the 2012 PS, they had 9 players missing chunks of  training due to injury. They had everyone in full training late Jan.   “Most blokes have broken PBs over the last few months, whether that’s in the gym or out on the track running,” assistant coach Shannon Grant said.

Addison, Dylan    15 Mar        Poor return NAB1A and then withdrew from NAB2 with “soreness”.  Also missed NAB3&4.  Must be pretty sore!!!

Boyd, Matthew    28 Feb        starred NAB1A

Cooney, Adam     18 Mar        having his best PS for some years; played ok NABR1A; starred NAB4 and best he has moved for some years

Cordy, Ayce         07 Mar        bulked up in off season. Coach on SEN 05 Mar asked for patience with talls like Ayce – which means his break-out season may be 2014 or 2015

Dahlhaus, Luke           10 Jan  ankle injury late 2012 season did not delay his 2013 PS training

Dickson, Tory      25 Jan         Able to do a better PS in 2013 than in his first year

Giansiracusa, Daniel      25 Jan         Did his knee late 2012 season and on a modified program pre Christmas. Back in full training Jan

Grant, Jarrad        15 Mar        dropped for NAB4 after low numbers in NAB1B&2

Griffen, Ryan       18 Mar        Starred NAB2 and rested NAB3 and starred NAB4

Higgins, Shaun     15 Mar        tipped to play more in the midfield in 2013, but has “burned” fans with multiple injuries.  Played NAB1A+B; missed NAB2 and, afterwards, coach said he would miss NAB3 and then play NAB4; but now missing NAB4 with “foot soreness” to be assessed.  Please, please don’t pick him in your team!!

Howard, Christian         15 Mar        Just average in NAB and dropped for NAB4

Hrovat, Nathan    15 Mar        Quad Feb and played vfl NAB3 and then named for NAB4.  Unlikely to play R1

Jones, Liam           25 Jan         Had a good 2012 PS then disappointed; done well in the gym in 2013 PS; watch in NAB Cup

Liberatore, Thomas       18 Mar        did well NAB1A; NAB4 was probably his best game for the club

Lower, Nick         18 Mar        starred NAB1A; did a great job tagging Cotchin NAB4

Macrae, Jackson   25 Jan         impressive on the track and NAB Cup will decide if he plays early regular season; but may be too light this year

Morris, Dale    11 Jan  joined in full training early Jan after m issing all 2012 with a leg injury

Roughead, Jordan          15 Mar        playing deep in defence (sort of in Brian Lake’s role) and doing well in NAB Cup

Smith, Clay 15 Mar        Honest fomr in NAB after being patchy in 2012

Stevens, Koby      18 Mar        best for Dogs in terms of numbers NAB3. After the game, Coach praised him and quoted Bill Lawry: HE’S A VICTORIAN!  Got heaps of kicks NAB4 but is to be sent for an X-ray to determine if it is bruising or a break

Stringer, Jake       07 Mar        Had a leg injury in early PS, but it was not serious. Did an ankle NAB2 and likely to miss R1

Tutt, Jason           25 Jan         had a shocking 2012 with multiple injuries, but is flying on the track now

Wallis, Mitchell    15 Mar        honest without starring in NAB Cup

Williams, Tom     15 Mar        ankle surgery during 2012 season and on a modified program; joined in full training early Jan; had a Feb setback; Coach says he will miss R1

Wood, Easton      15 Mar        Did a low grade hammie NAB3 and may miss R1

Young, Thomas           11 Jan  coaches want him to “replace” Ryan Hargrave


Austin, Mark   10 Jan  wrist surgery during 2012 season which didn’t delay his 2013 PS

Campbell, Tom            10 Jan  ankle surgery post 2012 season which didn’t delay his 2013 PS

Goodes, Bret        19 Mar        impressed on the track in PS. Did well NAB1&2; rested NAB3 and named NAB4.  The Dogs elevated him to their main list on 19 Mar

Jong, Lin     28 Feb        did okay NAB1

Redpath, Jack 10 Jan  arm surgery during 2012 season which didn’t delay his 2013 PS