2013 Pre-Season Teams and Players Guide


2013 Pre-Season (oft referred to as PS hereafter) Teams and Players Guide



Updated 19 Mar 2013 after all NAB Cup matches completed and this is THE LAST UPDATE for the season


See 2013 Pre-Season Guide2 for Hawthorn to Western Bulldogs

The purpose of this page is to collate in one place all the data relating to teams and also their individual players.  The page will note injuries, players who are on the improve and relevant data that will effect team and player performance.

Rookies and new recruits will generally not be mentioned (because many of them will have little impact on the team’s performance during the year).  Exceptions will be made for those who have significant injuries or who may play a genuine role in the senior team during 2013.

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As the Nab Cup progresses, players who had problems / injuries / missed weeks of  PS in 2012 but are faring better in PS 2013 will be highlighted.  This will help to assess both the player and overall team performance.

When it gets closer to game 1, some potential DT+SC tips may be given.  However, the main purpose is to assist with analysis and get people started on the right foot with their 2013 tipping.

This is a quick beginning and more detailed data will follow throughout January.

The data below is sorted by team, then by senior list alphabetically, then by rookies alphabetically.

After each player’s name, the date refers to the date on which the data was added to the database.  It should then be added to the website within a week of that date.

Sources for information:

Club websites

AFL website

Herald Sun

The Age




SEN 1116

And others




02 Feb                  21 Jan saw 45 out of 47 complete training, so list is very healthy in January
28 Feb                  With a week between NAB1&2, the Dockers played the Crows the weekend before NAB2

Brown, Luke        15 Mar        Played quite well NAB1&2 before scoring low numbers but tagging Eddie Betts effectively NAB3. A chance to play R1, especially if Tambling is not fully fit

Callinan, Ian         15 Mar        Played ok NAB1; missed NAB2 and lasted a few minutes before subbed out with “a knock to the knee” in NAB3. Underdone for main season, but expected to be available for R1

Crouch, Brad       15 Mar        On Crows’ list as an “unplayable” last year, but coach likes him.  Did okay nab1; subbed on at half time NAB2 for 34 dt points. Did well NAB3 and likely to debut R1

Dangerfield, Patrick       15 Mar        Missed NAB1.  Played last half 22Feb practice match vs Freo. Starred NAB2 and then did well before being subbed out NAB3

Graham, Angus    02 Feb        Late Jan, coach said Angus is not near the top of the list as far as Crow ruckmen are concerned

Henderson, Ricky       10 Jan  finger problem but returned to full training early Jan

Jaensch, Matthew       10 Jan  on a modified program pre Christmas due to a groin injury; back in full training Jan 2013

Jenkins, Josh                  25 Jan         upgraded rookie; could “replace” Tippett, but has been training as a defender.  Improved fitness stats this year and ready to improve

Joyce, Nicholas    28 Feb        Crows website says he is on a modified program since the Christmas break and being eased back into full training. Will miss NAB R1&2 at least

Lyons, Jarryd       15 Mar        Suffered a foot injury in 2012, but produced good numbers for Glenelg in 13 games.  Did very well NAB1A in the absence of star midfielders; then not seen NAB2&3, so on the fringe of selection only

Mackay, David           10 Jan  great PS

Petrenko, Jared    15 Mar        shoulder surgery post 2012 season and in full training early Jan 2013. Returned for NAB3 and was subbed out. Coach likes him and may play R1, but perhaps underdone

Porplyzia, Jason   15 Mar        surgery on both ankles in October 2012. Taken to hospital after NAB3 win in which he played ok.  Has a stomach ulcer and club expects him to be available for R1

Riley, Aidan         07 Mar        Did extremely well NAB1 in the absence of Dangerfield, S Thompson & Sloane. But failed NAB2 and dropped. Not in best 22 at this stage

Shaw, Sam 15 Mar        Crows website says he is on a modified program since the Christmas break due to a knee problem and being eased back into full training. Returned for last half NAB3 and will play SANFL in “NAB4” weekend

Sloane, Rory        15 Mar        Missed NAB1.  Starred early 22Feb practice match vs Freo. Subbed out at half time; then missed NAB2. Started very well NAB3 but then ran out of puff.  Appears slightly underdone

Smith, Brodie       28 Feb        great PS, but broke his collarbone in NAB1. Will miss the start of the regular season

Talia, Daniel         07 Mar        Broke his arm in the finals 2012 and should be ok for NAB Cup. Played NAB1A, then missed NAB2 with a virus

Tambling, Richard         15 Mar        Coach has spoken well of him and was good in NAB1 + “NAB1C” vs Dockers. Missed NAB2&3 with a back injury and is expected to play SANFL in “NAB4” weekend

Thompson, Luke         10 Jan  ankle surgery and on a modified program 2012; returned to full training early Jan

Vince, Bernie        28 Feb        minor surgery for a cyst Nov and in full training early Jan 2013.  Played last quarter and a bit 22 Feb practice match vs Freo

Wright, Matthew  28 Feb        Missed NAB1.  Starred early 22Feb practice match vs Freo. Subbed out at half time



02 Feb                  The Lions have some new dieticians on board this year which has been helpful, according to Tom Rockliff.   From Lions website:  Football manager Dean Warren said the Lions were out to be competitive in the pre-season competition

28 Feb        Lions are “UP” for the NAB Cup and want to start the season flying (similar to Crows in 2012)

Adcock, Jed          18 Mar        hip op Oct; due to resume full training in Jan; had a minor cleanup op in Feb. Missed NAB1; figures in NAB2,3,4 kept improving

Banfield, Todd     15 Mar        2012 PS interrupted by patella tendonitis and also had stress fractures in 2012 season. Did well NAB1, but low figures NAB2 then not named NAB3&4. No injury listed by club

Beams, Claye       18 Mar        looks to be a big improver 2013 after ending 2012 on a high. Okay NAB1,2,3.  Looked terrific NAB4 after being subbed on late 3Q

Bewick, Rohan     18 Mar        in top form NAB3&4

Black, Simon        18 Mar        knee surgery Dec and hopes to be back for R1. Resumed running around the end of Jan. Missed all the NAB Cup and likely to miss several regular season matches

Brown, Jonathan  18 Mar        On a modified program, but eased into NAB3 and then kicked 5 in NAB4

Cornelius, Aaron  18 Mar        Was super in NAB2&3 then put in a shocker NAB4 and subbed off 3Q

Crisp, Jack 18 Mar        not seen in NAB Cup but was emergency for NAB4

Docherty, Sam     18 Mar        hip injury ruined 2012 PS; but flying now.  Okay in NBA1,2,3 and subbed on late in NAB4

Golby, Mitchell    28 Feb        foot problems ended 2012 season early, but going well in 2013 PS. Went well NAB1

Hanley, Pearce     18 Mar        missed NAB1 “as a precaution”, then wore green vest NAB2 and did well when on the ground. Starred in NAB4

Harwood, Ryan    28 Feb        missed intraclub lead up to NAB1 AND ALSO NAB1 with a minor ankle injury

Karnezis, Patrick  18 Mar        seems to have lifted his training intesnity in PS 2013 and training as a midfielder.  Did very well NAB1A, then rested NAB1B.  Very good in NAB2&3 then got heaps of it in NBA4 before being subbed out before 3QT.  He has arrived BIG TIME in 2013

Leuenberger, Matthew   18 Mar        On a restricted program until 1st full training session 31 Jan; subbed on NAB2; late withdrawal with a foot problem NAB3 and missed NAB4. Unlikely for R1

Lisle, Jordan 18 Mar        has improved significantly, according to Daniel Merrett, but only played NAB1A

Longer, Billy        18 Mar        Rockliff praised his work in an intraclub game. Playing as number one ruckman in NAB3&4 and did ok

Maguire, Matthew         18 Mar        ankle op Oct. Ok in NAB Cup

Mayes, Sam         28 Feb        missed NAB1 “as a precaution”.  J Brown likes him, but the “precaution” means it is unlikely to play early

McGrath, Ashley  18 Mar        wrist op Oct. Appeared to be slowly running into form in NAB Cup

Moloney, Brent    18 Mar        starring on the track, but slowed by what appears to be a minor calf injury late Jan.  Did well NAB1,3&4

O’Brien, Jesse       18 Mar        late 2012 season groin op. Missed intraclub lead up to NAB1 + all NAB Cup

Paparone, Marco  18 Mar        Played NAB1A&2; emergency for NAB4

Polec, Jared 18 Mar        Missed entire NAB Cup. Unlikely to be seen early in the regular season

Polkinghorne, James      17 Jan         shoulder op Oct; in full training by Jan

Redden, Jack        18 Mar        starring on the track, but not great numbers in NAB Cup

Rich, Daniel         18 Mar        Did well NAB3&4

Rockliff, Tom       18 Mar        Allegedly in the best shape of his career now after his form tapered off late in 2012. Last year he averaged 111 SC points until R14 and then only 77 thereafter.  Subbed on at half time NAB2, then did well NAB3&4

Staker, Brent               10 Jan  enjoying a full Ps now unlike PS 2012

Yeo, Elliot  18 Mar        Played entire NAB Cup and looks to have cemented a spot

Zorko, Dayne       18 Mar        Played all NAB Cup (unlike 2012 when missed all the NAB Cup and made his debut in R7)



02 Feb                            Looks like the Blues are going to use the boundary a lot more this year a la Collingwood

Training on 24 Jan had everyone involved except McInnes.  McKay said the Blues were better placed in terms of fitness compared to last year

Casboult, Levi      18 Mar        Fair in NAB Cup. Not sure if both he and Rowe will play all year

Ellard, David        07 Mar        Hammie NAB2 and will miss the start of the season

Garlett, Jeff 18 Mar        Was very good NAB2, low numbers NAB3 and missed NAB4 to attend a funeral.  Maybe the death may have also affected his NAB3 scores.

Gibbs, Bryce        18 Mar        Starred in NAB4

Graham, Nicholas          18 Mar        Was touted as a chance for R1, but did his knee after playing NAB1. Will miss the start of the season

Hampson, Shaun 18 Mar        Played ok NAB Cup; looks to be ahead of Warnock for now

Henderson, Lachlan       02 Feb        Had hip surgery in Dec 2012 and due to return to full training in Feb

Judd, Chris 18 Mar        Missed NAB1&2.  Was declared available for NAB3 on 05 March, but then played NAB4 and subbed out

Kreuzer, Matthew 18 Mar        knee op Oct and due to start running Jan. Back in full training late Jan. Starred NAB4

Laidler, Jeremy     18 Mar        On a modified program in Arizona, but played NAB1,2,3. Rumoured to have bulked up; emergency for NAB4

Lucas, Kane         18 Mar        apparently, the coach loves him.  Starred NAB4

McInnes, Andrew 17 Jan         knee op Sep and not due back until June 2013

McLean, Brock     18 Mar        Numbers below 2012 in NAB Cup and may struggle to reproduce last year’s numbers with more regular stars playing in 2013

Menzel, Troy               10 Jan  did his PCL in 2012 SANFL finals series

Murphy, Marc      18 Mar        shoulder + knee op Oct. due to start running Jan; then in full training late Jan; good without being brilliant in NAB Cup

Rowe, Sam 18 Mar        Fair in NAB Cup. Not sure if both he and Casboult will play all year. Came on as sub in NAB4

Scotland, Heath    18 Mar        Will miss R1&2 of regular season after club suspension. Can play NAB Cup, but will play for the Northern Blues during his suspension. Subbed on NAB3 & emergency for NAB4

Simpson, Kade     18 Mar        Starred NAB4, but the beard is hard to look at

Tuohy, Zach         18 Mar        Coach seems keen for him to play more in the midfield; numbers only fair in NAB Cup. Kicked a great 9 pointer in NAB4

Waite, Jarrad        07 Mar        interrupted PS in 2012; a much better PS in 2013 until a calf injury – now likely to miss R1

Warnock, Robert  18 Mar        injury ruined both the PS and regular season in 2012.  Training well now. Just fair in NAB2&3 when wore green / red vest and dropped for NAB Cup grand final.  Maybe some injury is lurking unreported

White, Simon       18 Mar        starring on the track after having an injury interrupted Ps in 2012; but numbers not great in NAB Cup and subbed off NAB4

Yarran, Chris       18 Mar        had injury problems in 2012 and says he wants to move into the midfield in 2013. Quite good in NAB Cup


Cachia, Jaryd       17 Jan         Hammie problems and on a modified program

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02 Feb                            12 or more players did not complete full training on 21 Jan, including Cloke, Fasolo and Thomas

Ball, Luke   15 Mar        Missed NAB Cup and was aiming for R1, but hammie issues will cause him t miss the start of the season

Beams, Dayne      18 Mar        Hit top form NAB4

Blair, Jarryd         28 Feb        did well NAB1A and wasn’t selected to play 1B but didn’t come up

Brown, Nathan    28 Feb        Delayed start to 2012 due to knee injury, but doing well PS 2013. Missed NAB1

Cloke, Travis       28 Feb        excelled NAB1

Didak, Alan          28 Feb        missed trip to Arizona due to family reasons. Played intraclub Feb but now an injured hammie may cause him to miss R1

Fasolo, Alex         18 Mar        Missed NAB1 but played okay intra club 22 feb “coming back from injury” according to Robert Harvey. Listed as a foot on club’s website. Missed NAB2, 3 & 4 on not on the Pies injury list on their website on 13 Mar.  On 17 Mar, ruled out for at least R1 with a hammie

Gault, Corey        07 Mar        Out for first few weeks of season with a groin injury

Goldsack, Tyson  07 Mar        missed trip to Arizona. Ankle op Nov. Joined full training mid Jan. Missed NAB1 but played intra club 22 Feb after a “knee” problem. Rested for NAB2 in Perth

Grundy, Brodie    28 Feb        Back injury 2013PS and coach said “he needs to get his core (blimey) strength up”. Game time in 2013 looks unlikely

Johnson, Ben       18 Mar        Starred NAB4

Jolly, Darren        18 Mar        Starred NAB4, but then off to hospital with a kidney issue.  Apparently ok to play R1, but watch the news services

Kennedy, Ben       15 Mar        Terrific performance in NAB3, but not selected for NAB4, so unlikely to debut early. But can find the ball

Krakouer, Andrew         18 Mar        knee op and missed most of 2012.  Played okay NAB1 and not spotted since, which is a mystery

Keeffe, Lachlan    17 Jan         knee op 2012 and will miss several weeks of 2013

Lynch, Quinten    18 Mar        Seemes to be working well with Cloke. Kicked 4 goals twice in NAB Cup, including NAB4 when he pulled out at 3QT with a corkie (but has 16 days until R1)

Macaffer, Brent    18 Mar        knee op 2012 but now flying on the track. Did well NAB1; coach loves him and seems certain to play R1

Maxwell, Nick                        10 Jan  missed trip to Arizona due to family reasons

Paine, Jackson             10 Jan  post season shoulder surgery and missed pre Christmas PS

Pendlebury, Scott 18 Mar        starred NAB4 and looks to be peaking perfectly

Reid, Ben    15 Mar        did his knee NAB2 and missed NAB3&4; some doubt for R1

Russell, Jordan 18 Mar        Did okay NAB Cup and probably done enough to get a game R1;  then R2 is against his old team AND his old (Magpie) coach

Sinclair, Ben         28 Feb        Did okay NAB1

Swan, Dane                 10 Jan  starring on the track

Thomas, Dale       18 Mar        missed trip to Arizona. Ankle op Nov. In a moon boot early Jan; due to train with the main squad early Feb. Missed all NAB Cup and considered an outside chance for R1

Toovey, Alan       17 Jan         missed trip to Arizona due to a wrist injury

Witts, Jarrod        28 Feb        starring on the track. Did okay NAB1

Young, Clinton    18 Mar        interrupted PS due to a foot surgery in Oct. Resumed full training Jan. Played NAB1 and did well. Missed NAB2 and then kicked poorly in NAB3. Late withdrawal NAB4 with a suspected calf injury


Dwyer, Sam         18 Mar        Mature aged rookie. Did well NAB Cup and some chance for selection R1

Hudson, Ben        18 Mar        Promoted to the senior list – either to cover for Jolly or because Witts won’t play a huge number of games

Martin, Kyle         15 Mar        did well NAB 2&3, but omitted from NAB4, so un likely to be promoted off the rookie list for now


02 Feb                            Began training at their new facility in Jan.  On 29 Jan, Hird said “90% of the squad has done 95% of the PS work”

Baguley, Mark     28 Feb        did well NAB 1

Bellchambers, Tom        25 Jan         Coach says he is the likely #1 ruckman in 2013

Carlisle, Jake        07 Mar        ankle surgery 2012 but joined in training Nov 2012. Did well NAB1A, then scored well while beating Jack Riewoldt NAB2

Colyer, Travis      15 Mar        minor thumb surgery post season.  Still on a restricted program in Jan. Missed NAB1,2,3 and playing VFL NAB4

Daniher, Joe         18 Mar        had minor knee surgery in Dec; on a modified program in Jan, but is really impressing coach. Missed NAB1&2. Played VFL NAB3 and was selected to play NAB4 but missed, apparently with a corkie.  May be doubtful for a R1 debut

Davey, Alwyn      28 Feb        did well NAB 1A

Dempsey, Courtenay     28 Feb        starred NAB1

Fletcher, Dustin    28 Feb        starred NAB1A

Goddard, Brendon         28 Feb        starred NAB1

Gumbleton, Scott 18 Mar        doing well in PS until he did his hammie at training early Dec; was due back in full training first half Jan, but missed the target.  Played VFL in NAB3 as first game for the year & VFL in NAB4 where he kicked 5

Hardingham, Kyle         18 Mar        Missed NAB2&3 with broken hand and excelled in VFL NAB4

Heppell, Dyson    28 Feb        excelled NAB1 and played in the midfield

Hibberd, Michael  28 Feb        did well NAB 1

Hille, David          15 Mar        Appears to be out of the best 22 at present

Hocking, Heath           10 Jan  minor shoulder surgery post season

Hurley, Michael    15 Mar        post season wrist surgery; but overall a better PS in 2013 than in 2012.  Posted low numbers NAB1 then suffered a minor leg injury NAB2; followed by an ankle injury NAB3 and seen later in a moon boot. Club seems confident he will be right for R1, but don’t call it a cert even if he is named

Kommer, Nicholas         18 Mar        mature aged inside midfielder. Did well NAB1A & 2, but subbed off in NAB3 and a bye in NAB4, so unlikely to be selected R1.  However, Danny Corcoran of the Bombers said on 18 March that, “He [Kommer] will certainly be well and truly in contention for selection; he played all the NAB Cup games and did well. It all has to be decided yet by the match committee.”

Melksham, Jake   18 Mar        Broke his hand early Feb and missed NAB1. Played NAB2, then missed NAB3 with a leg injury; played well VFL NAB4

Myers, David       07 Mar        Two significant injuries 2012. Excelled NAB1 before low numbers NAB2. Has been training with the midfielders and this is his first full PS

Pears, Tayte         18 Mar        interrupted PS in 2011 and 2012, but flying on the track now. Starred NAB1B, bit missed NAB2&3 without any reason given; played well VFL NAB4

Ryder, Patrick      02 Feb        Shoulder op October did not advaersely affect his 2013 PS

Stanton, Brent      15 Mar        in good form NAB1,2,3

Van Unen, Dylan 15 Mar        mature aged tall defender. Not seen in NAB1,2,3

Watson, Jobe       28 Feb        Missed NAB1 with a knee strain

Winderlich, Jason 15 Mar        Missed NAB Cup with groin problems. Club says will definitely miss R1, but be available some time early season

Zaharakis, David  18 Mar        Strained Quad 28 Jan.  Not a good sign because he missed R11-20 last year with a “different” quad injury.  Won’t play NAB Cup.  But played first 3Q VFL NAB4 with a view to play R1 on 22 Mar



28 Feb        With a week between NAB1&2, the Dockers played the Crows the weekend before NAB2

Barlow, Michael   28 Feb        post season thumb op, but able to do all the running work. Did well NAB1A

Bradley, Kepler    28 Feb        missed a day’s training on 21 Jan. Missed NAB1, played 22Feb practice match v Crows

Clarke, Zachary    28 Feb        missed NAB1 with an adductor strain

Crichton, Jesse     17 Jan         failed to train with the main group 11 Jan

Crowley, Ryan     17 Jan         tore a pectoral muscle at training Dec. Due to resume full training in Feb; aiming for R1

Crozier, Hayden          10 Jan  missed a lot of 2012 with glandular fever, but doing well pre Christmas

De Boer, Matthew         02 Feb        missed a day’s training on 21 Jan

Duffield, Paul       02 Feb        post season surgery after 2012 season and not in full training late Jan. May play late NAB Cup

Forster, Alex        02 Feb        had a hip op late 2011 and a terrible 2012 season followed. This year has done 85% of the PS, but still may not be in the best 22

Fyfe, Nathan        15 Mar        Missed NAB1 but played 22Feb practice match vs Crows. Suffered a slight shoulder injury NAB3, but expected to be ok for R1

Hill, Stephen        28 Feb        post season shoulder surgery and eased into PS. Played okay NAB1A+B, then got a slight arm injury vs Crows “NAB1C”

Ibbotson, Garrick 18 Mar        had a series of operations post season 2011 and his 2012 season was a letdown. Rumoured to move from midfield to defence in 2013.  Okay NAB2 but then in WAFL for NAB3&4

Mayne, Christopher       15 Mar        injured ankle NAB1A, but returned NAB3

McPharlin, Luke   28 Feb        failed to train with the main group 11 Jan; played okay NAB1B

Michie, Viv           25 Jan         training well now after 2 years of foot problems

Morabito, Anthony     10 Jan  Did ACL at training Jan 2013

Mundy, David      28 Feb        failed to train with the main group 11 Jan; may be an age issue only.  2012 PS was injury interrupted; rolled an ankle on 30 Jan 2013 at training; not expected to be a major issue. Returned to played 22 Feb practice match vs Crows

Mzungu, Tendai          10 Jan  post season wrist surgery, but able to do all the running work

Neale, Lachie        28 Feb        missed a day’s training on 21 Jan &missed NAB1

Pavlich, Matthew 17 Jan         Hip and Achilles ops post season; then back surgery in late Nov and due to resume full training late Jan

Pearce, Danyle     25 Jan         Said to be doing well after moving from Port to Freo

Sandilands, Aaron         15 Mar        Ran a PB for the 3km time trial in Jan.  Had injury troubles in 2011 and 2012, but this is the best he has been for some time. Underwent minor surgery for a vascular problem mid/late Jan and was due to return to training before month’s end. Did a hammie NAB1 and set to return ~R2 (or maybe 3)

Spurr, Lee   15 Mar        Promoted rookie. Did well NAB2 and then got a corkie NAB3. Coach said “will play R1”

Suban, Nicholas   28 Feb        Freo website: Suban had a “frank discussion” with the coach at the end of 2012 and has now improved his fitness. Stephne Hill has tipped him to play more midfield. Did well NAB1

Smith, Tanner      02 Feb        has impressed in PS

Suban, Nicholas   25 Jan         Freo website: Suban had a “frank discussion” with the coach at the end of 2012 and has now improved his fitness. Expect improvement

Walters, Michael  28 Feb        Reported to be training well, but involved in modified training late Jan.  Did well NAB1, then slight ankle injury next week (“NAB1C”) vs Crows



02 Feb                            “We’ve got a new strength and conditioning coach, Chris Dennis, who’s done a great job with our whole list” Nigel Lappin told  GEELONG is gearing up to hit the ground running in Round 1, determined to avoid a repeat of the sluggish start that cost the Cats a top-four berth last year.

Bartel, Jimmy       18 Mar        foot injury and in a moon boot 2012. Joined main training group in mid Jan. Played NAB1A then rested NAB1B. Starred NAB4

Bews, Jed                    10 Jan  looks improved and watch in NAB Cup

Brown, Mitch W. 07 Mar        Coach is excited about him as a key defneder early and maybe as a key forward

Caddy, Josh         18 Mar        starring on the track; coach all but guaranteed him a R1 game in NAB4 press conference

Chapman, Paul    18 Mar        Ran a PB for the 2km time trial in Jan; had Interrupted PS in 2011 and a modified PS in 2012. This has helped him be in top shape for 2013. Minor quad strain NAB2. Played well NAB3 but missed NAB4 with a thigh injury and goes into the season underdone

Cowan, Josh        15 Mar        Added to long term injury list on 12 March

Horlin-Smith, George    25 Jan         On the fringe of selection, but has bulked up and the club plan to make him into a Jobe Watson type player

Hunt, Josh            25 Jan         has glandular fever and on a restricted program. In doubt for R1

Johnson, Steve     28 Feb        suspended R1

Kelly, James         25 Jan         post season surgery on both hips. Joined in full training in mid Jan

Kersten, Shane     17 Jan         looks to have improved and training well.  Watch in NAB Cup

McCarthy, Lincoln         15 Mar        Added to long term injury list on 12 March

McIntosh, Hamish         18 Mar        on a modified program pre Christmas after missing much of 2012 with a knee injury. Minor knee op mid Feb; missed all NAB Cup and ruled out for R1

Menzel, Daniel     15 Mar        On 31 Jan, it was announced that he underwent a “secret” LARS operation on his left ACL. Missed all NAB Cup and likelt to miss regular seaon matches as well

Murdoch, Jordan 17 Jan         One of the best in a “match” vs the Roos on 11 Jan

Podsiadly, James         10 Jan  training as a defender

Rivers, Jared        17 Jan         with the rehab group in mid Jan for one session

Selwood, Joel              10 Jan  post season finger surgery and back in training early in PS

Smedts, Billie       28 Feb        restricted by a hip injury in PS. Low numbers NAB1A and rested NAB1B

Stokes, Mathew   28 Feb        Rolled an ankle NAB1 and expected back NAB3

Thurlow, Jackson 15 Mar        thumb and cheekbone injuries. Don’t expect much from him in 2013; but surprisingly starred in a “match” vs the Roos 11 Jan. Not in the squad for NAB4, so unlikely to feature early in the season

Varcoe, Travis     02 Feb        “Flying”, according to Motlop in mid Jan

Vardy, Nathan     15 Mar        training as a forward. Bur missed the entire NAB Cup and likely to miss early in the regular season as well

West, Trent 28 Feb        Minor knee surgery late Feb and in some doubt for R1


Blicavs, Mark       18 Mar        Doing okay in ruck duties in the absence of top 4 ruckmen; due to his unique athletic ability, he is a chance to play R1, although his best may be a year or 2 away.  Coach says he is “in the best 25 right now”, but some players have to come back. Is bred to run and jump

Burbury, George  28 Feb        On the fringe of selection, but has had a foot injury since early Feb at least. Likely to miss the start of the season

Sheringham, Jackson     28 Feb        Either Sheringham or Walker looks likely to be promoted off the rookie list in place of Dawson Simpson

Walker, Joshua    28 Feb        Showed promise 2012 and did okay NAB1.  Likely to get game time early with injuries to Cats big men. Either Sheringham or Walker looks likely to be promoted off the rookie list in place of Dawson Simpson


02 Feb                            NEW Suns fitness boss Stephen Schwerdt has revealed the squad is still at least a year away from training as well as most AFL teams despite upping the ante this pre-season.

Ablett, Gary Jnr   18 Mar        had some niggling injuries over the PS. Coach says he will be at full fitness R1. Resumed running last week Jan and due to be at full load in Feb. Played intraclub lead up match to NAB1. Did well NAB1A and rested 1B. Played NAB2; not NAB3 and starred NAB4

Allen, Jackson             10 Jan  groin surgery late in 2012 season, but doing well in 2013 PS

Bennell, Harley    15 Mar        Flying on the track late Jan. did well in All stars game + intraclub; played well NAB1,2,3 then rested NAB4

Bock, Nathan       28 Feb        broke a leg early in 2012.  Aiming for, but likely to miss several early rounds in 2013

Brennan, Jared     18 Mar        rumoured to have turned the corner.  Reasonable in NAB Cup

Broughton, Greg  15 Mar        impressed in PS at his new club and coach likes him. Fair figures NAB1,2,3

Brown, Campbell 28 Feb        suspended for first 6 weeks of the season.  But did well NAB1

Day, Sam    18 Mar        First uninterrupted PS and has beefed up.  Just average in NAB Cup

Dixon, Charlie      18 Mar        after NAB1, is behind Smith for #1 ruck spot; low figures NAB1&3; missed NAB2; improved NAB4

Gorringe, Daniel   18 Mar        impressed coach NAB4

Hall, Aaron 18 Mar        impressed coach NAB4

Harbrow, Jarrod  15 Mar        Likely to move to the midfield in 2013; missed R5-14 in 2012 with injury. Played NAB1, then missed NAB2&3; named for NAB4

Horsley, Kyal              10 Jan  improved endurance

Lonergan, Jesse    18 Mar        starring on the track. Impressed coach in NAB1B. Copped a wrist injury in NAB4

Lynch, Thomas    07 Mar        Recovering from a foot operation for a stress fracture. Played NAB1B and did his ankle ligaments. Will miss the start of the season

Matera, Brandon  28 Feb        improved endurance, but has appraently had an injury setback in Jan. Missed 14feb intraclub and NAB1 with a foot injury

May, Steven         18 Mar        impressed on the track this PS after having an interrupted PS in 2012; did well in NAB Cup

McKenzie, Trent   15 Mar        hampered by a knee injury in PS and with the rehab group.  Due to train with the main group mid March. Club says he will play NEAFL R1

Murphy, Thomas 28 Feb        got a tick from the coach despite average numbers NAB1A

O’Meara, Jaeger   15 Mar        groin surgery late in 2012 season, but doing well in 2013 PS and looks a ready made player. Did okay NAB1&2 and was highest scorer NAB3. Looks a certain starter R1

Patrick, Liam        28 Feb        carried off the training track with a hammie on 24 Jan and will miss NAB Cup and also early season

Prestia, Dion        15 Mar        had a hammie, but back in full training Jan and impressing.  Returned to play reserves NAB2; played NAB3 with low numbers and named NAB4

Rischitelli, Michael        07 Mar        Post season was diagnosed with hamstring tendonitis.  Still with the rehab group.  Played NAB1B, then reserves NAB2

Russell, Luke        15 Mar        shoulder surgery late in 2012 season. Played NAB1&2, then missed NAB3&4 with “a minor knee injury”; expected to be right for R1

Sexton, Alex               10 Jan  hip surgery late in 2012 season

Shaw, Matt 15 Mar        Played NAB1A and not 1B. Missed training thereafter and also missed NAB2&3 with illness. Named NAB4

Smith, Zac  18 Mar        flat 2012 after great debut season 2011.  coach liked his NAB1 game and has put him ahead of Dixon for #1 ruck spot after impressive NAB1A game; did okay NAB4, but so did Gorringe

Stanley, Danny    07 Mar        missed nab1, then came back from an unknown injury NAB2 in the reserves

Sumner, Tim        02 Feb        may be a ready made player.  Watch in NAB Cup, but rumoured to be recovering from a knee injury

Swallow, David    28 Feb        missed most of 2012 season with knee problems.  Training strongly in PS and should improve. Excelled in intraclub Feb

Tape, Sebastian    28 Feb        knee surgery late in 2012 season; likely to miss NAB Cup and early season

Thompson, Rory  28 Feb        starred in 14feb intraclub and talked up by asst coach Andy Lovell. McKenna said he has “put his hand up to play Centre Half Back (didn’t know this field position still existed!!)”

Weller, Maverick         11 Jan  in a moon boot late 2012 and did not train with the main group



Bugg, Tomas        18 Mar        starred NAB4

Buntine, Matthew 28 Feb        Punctured lung NAB1 and will miss rest of NAB + early season

Cameron, Jeremy        10 Jan  surgery post 2012 season

Coniglio, Stephen 18 Mar        starred NAB4

Cornes, Chad 15 Mar        knee surgery on 30 Jan and will miss early season

Edwards, Shaun   25 Jan         John Quinn likes his PS form

Greene, Toby       18 Mar        great debut year and is reportedly progressing well in PS 2013.  Good number NAB Cup

Growden, Josh                        11 Jan  Hip injury and expected to be in full training early 2013 with view to play R1

Hoskin-Elliott, Will       15 Mar        Post season hip surgery and expected to be in full training Feb. Named for NAB4, but underdone for regular season

O’hAilpin, Setanta         17 Jan         Knee injury in early 2012 season and expected to be in full training early 2013 with view to play late NAB Cup or R1

O’Rourke, Jonathan       15 Mar        Not seen in NAB until NAB3 when he did a hammie and is likely to miss R1

Patton, Jonathon  15 Mar        knee surgery post 2012 season, but did well in the late 2012 part of the 2013 PS.  Okay NAB1, then corked quad NAB2 and came off. Missed NAB3 and named for NAB4

Plowman, Lachlan         18 Mar        Missed most of 2012 with an elbow injury; played NAB1B with low numbers; missed NAB2 but returned for NAB3&4 and did well

Scully, Tom          15 Mar        2011 knee injury restricted his 2012 PS; very good 2013 PS so far; there will be cynics, but he may be due to blossom.  Fair in NAB1A; missed 1B and out of NAB2 with a minor knee injury. Played NAB3 and did okay

Shiel, Dylan                   07 Mar        Foot injury and expected to be in full training early 2013 with view to play R1; but showing polish in a Giants practice match in late Jan. Struggled NAB2, so suggest he is in for a quiet start to the season

Stewart, James                        11 Jan  Back injury and expected to be in full training early 2013 with view to play R1

Thornton, Bret     18 Mar        Just average NAB2&3 then omitted for NAB4 when Sheeds was mostly playing his best team

Treloar, Adam      18 Mar        Flying in PS and doing well in NAB1, 2 &3. Starred NAB4

Tyson, Dom                11 Jan  PCL knee surgery Dec 2012 and will miss the start of the season

Ugle, Gerald                   18 Mar        Coaches like him for 2013…. But then not seen NAB 2, 3 &4

Ward, Callan        18 Mar        Inured NAB3 and off early, but returned NAB4 to best BOG

Whitfield, Lachie  15 Mar        impressing at training and watch in NAB Cup; still a bit skinny, but really impressed NAB2; rested NAB3 and named NAB4