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Are you looking for info on Rugby, Soccer or Gridiron?
Then this is NOT the website for you. Feel free to leave now.
This site is about Australian Rules Football; also known as Aussie Rules.
The focus is on analysis of the AFL = Australian Football League.

And if you see a young kid kicking a footy around, please don’t ask him “Do you play AFL?” If he were practising rugby, would you ask him if he plays NRL? Of course not!   The kid plays Aussie Rules, and don’t forget it. AFL is a league.  Australian Rules Football is the game.  Finally, if you are in any of the southern states of Australia, don’t call Rugby, Soccer or Gridiron “Football”.  This is incorrect.


About this site

There he sits!

Helpless; aimlessly staring into space.  A man that appears lost, almost. 
He has no electronic gadget to play with – he is probably too old for that sort of thing.  There is no book in his hands. It appears that life has, temporarily, stopped for him.  His level of masculinity seems to be at a low level – being in an environment that doesn’t lend itself to a good sense of manly self-respect.

He needs help!  Is he the most needy bloke in Australia?  But wait! Suddenly his expression changes. For he sees, as he sits in the shopping centre, his wife appear. She has shopping bags in hand.  He gives a sigh of relief.  Soon he will be out the door, feel like a real man again and life can resume.

But for one fellow, relief never comes.  He faces the inevitable drama every Friday from April to September.  With nobody to help him.  He looks at the newspaper and/or the internet.  It doesn’t help.  Nonetheless, he feels compelled to peruse it. Too much information and no way to make sense of it.  But then Monday comes and the grim reality of another botched round of footy tipping sets in.  In the Monday papers, all the experts tell him what went wrong with his tipping.  The exact same experts that couldn’t help him the Friday just gone!

But it gets worse!  This condition affects many women as well; children too!


Finally, help has arrived.  This website will assist both the time poor weekly tipster and the person who wants to understand footy analysis at a deeper level.  As well as becoming an improved tipster, you will also gain an understanding of the various results that occur. And this will make your footy more enjoyable.


This is not a gambling website and there are no direct references to gambling.

The site is designed to assist people with footy analysis and footy tipping competitions (many of which are free to enter) and to increase the enjoyment of the game.  This website takes no responsibility for the investment decisions of any of its readers.


Some mention will be made of Dream Team and Supercoach as a side issue.