Avoid early 2013!!

Players to avoid early in the season in DT & SC  – the reasons why are listed (will be listed) in the 2013 Pre Season guide in 2013 (P)reviews. Some players should be avoided totally and others are likely to drop in price during the year and then become a “value” selection.

Updated 14 Mar 2013

Reviewed 17 Jun 2013

After R11, notes beside each player – noting Dream Team price rise or fall and any relevant comments

Pink means a great tip

Blue means a bad tip

Plain black means neither good, not bad – or the tip was somewhat obvious to most anyway



Callinan      even

Petrenko     -17K and injured a bit

Sloane         -24K, but doing well

Smith                   -28K and missed some games



Adcock       -15K, but been very good overall

Black          -26K and missed early games – but getting to a friendly price now

Mayes         +111K but missed some games. A handy cash cow

Polec           only played one game & still injured

Staker                   +42K missed first 7 games, but now a cash cow



Judd            -74K; missed only 1 game

McLean -82K, but played every game and now well priced

Scotland -126K and missed 2 games

Waite          +10K, but missed the first 7 games



Ball             +73K, but missed the first 7 games

Beams        still yet to play

Didak                   only played 2 games and dropped for R12

Fasolo        -35K, played 3 games and now out for the year

Martin (rookie)     played last 2 games and price now set to skyrocket

Reid            +67K and played every game

Dale Thomas       -65K, played 5 games and now out indefinitely



Kommer     +146K and played 9 games

Watson       -92K, but hasn’t missed a game

Zaharakis  +11K and played every game



Crowley -75K and played every game

Pavlich       -38K and only played 3 games so far

Sandilands  yet to play



McIntosh    yet to play

Menzel        yet to play

Vardy                   no change yet and played 2 games.  May be a cash cow, but still doubts re injury / durability

West           -54K and played every game


Gold Coast

Ablett  (he is number 9 and that may be the week when his price dips to its lowest level)  -27K, but has been a good points scorer

Brown (suspended first 6 weeks)

Dixon +55K, but now injured. Very good early season

Harbrow    +53K and played every game

Russell        -52K and missed games



Hoskin-Elliott      +3K but played only 3 games

O’Rourke    yet to play

Shiel           -87K and played every game



Ellis            yet to play a game

Franklin     -138K and cost fantasy players heaps

Hodge        +18K and exceeded expectations

Lake -42K and missed some games early

Rioli           +28K, but missed many games

Shiels                   -34K but durable



Clark -60K and missed many games

Dawes         -47K and missed many games

Sylvia                   +27K, but missed 3 through suspension


North Melbourne

Grima                  -116K (missed most of the pre-season, but played NAB4 for a squillion SC or DT points – it was always going to be a false lead; however, he has now dropped to a value price)

Harvey (suspended first 6 weeks)     -8K;  doing ok now that he is playing


Port Adelaide

Butcher       no change; has just played 2 games at a low output

Cassisi        down 30K and missed more games than he has played

Hombsch    no change; didn’t play until R10 and now his price is set to rise

Logan                   no change; but will finally go up when figures come thru this week after playing his 3rd consecutive game after missing much of the pre-season



Chaplin       -34K


St Kilda

Riewoldt     +30K and has been a star

Schneider    no change; only played 1 game and price likely to drop once he plays 3

Simpkin      no change; only played 1 game and price likely to drop once he plays 3



Goodes       +37K and played every game

Malcseki     +47K and played every game

Mitchell      no change, but price due to skyrocket after missing first 9 weeks

Mumford   -86K and missed one game; now out injured

Shaw          no change; only played 2 games and still out injured


West Coast Eagles

Naitanui      -8K and missed early games

Nicoski       still yet to play a game; currently getting touch in the WAFL

Wellingham         -44K; played only 3 games and price likely to drop further

Waters        -36K and only played 4 games


Western Bulldogs

Stringer       +12K and played 6 games