Blood Test Dan in Public

Why do this? Sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it? And Dan who?

It isn’t really harsh or nasty at all. Read below and see that it is simply a reasonable call for justice.

Victoria was the first Australian state to bar unvaccinated MPs from its parliament Oct 2022 (like it was a reality TV show):

Victoria the first Australian state to bar unvaccinated MPs from its parliament – ABC News

The Victorian parliament’s Upper House last night voted to pass a motion requiring MPs and their staff to show proof of their vaccination status or be excluded from the building.

…. The motion was introduced in the Upper House by Emergency Services Minister Jaclyn Symes.  “It fundamentally is about ensuring that members of parliament are treated no differently to other Victorian authorised workers,” Ms Symes said.  “It should go without saying, really, that members of parliament are leaders in their community. We should strive to be leaders.”…

(IE MPs get vaxed to help enforce the mandates in the general public)

The trouble is that we don’t know that these MPs really got the jab. It’s easy for an elite person (MP, business leader) to get “fully vaxed” status w/o ever getting the jab; they just arrange for their personal assistant to create a fake vax passport.  

Perhaps most MPs genuinely got the jab.  But here’s why we need to be sure:
A: many workers lost their jobs due to the “no jab, no job” rule
B: some workers committed suicide over the “no jab, no job” rule
C: many families and community groups were split due to this issue

For the sake of those who suffered and for the families who lost loved ones to suicide, surely a quick and simple blood test is not too much to ask.

It’s not hard to check true vax status via a blood test; see:
(above web address from mid 2021 when they were considering blood testing airline passengers as a means to confirm vax status)

We should insist that the elite really prove their vax status by getting tested in public by a relevant professional who is a fair-minded sceptic. Everyone who voted FOR the mandate could be tested on the parliament floor and get their results back within 5 minutes per person.  All done in under half a day.   But that’s not enough; we also want the families of those MPs blood tested as well to check their statuses (because the Govt is wanting to vax our children as well).

“But the MPs would never agree to this”, some may say.  That’s probably right. It’s an invasion of medical privacy (just like you and I have been subjected to – take part in a trial of an untested medicine or lose your job).

It doesn’t really matter if the MPs refuse.

What would then happen: it’s likely that the MPs would refuse (for various reasons), then the public would suspect that the MPs aren’t all vaxed at all. The pressure would build on the MPs (and this is the key point – pressure needs to build – enough people need to be shouting it); then, pretty soon – miraculously – the “science” would indicate that vax mandates are no longer necessary. Suddenly, we can all work as in 2019, get a haircut and go to a restaurant.

And Dan who? Daniel Boone maybe; or Daniel Defoe? Any Dan who is happy to take the blood test.