Brisbane 2010

Brisbane (updated 23 March 2010) 

Time poor summary

Brisbane have traded heavily and have the players to be a chance for the top 4.  But getting the group to gel together will be the challenge for Voss in his second year of coaching. 12 – 13 wins and 5th but, with so many changes, almost anything could happen. See possible R1 team selections at the bottom of this page.

Review (added 27 Jan 2011)

13th and 7 wins.  Analysis was way off the mark with the only saving grace the note that “almost anything could happen”.  And almost anything did happen.



More detailed Analysis

The Lions have traded heavily after 2009.  Out goes Bradshaw, Dalziell, Harding, Hooper, J MacDonald and Roe.  And they tried to move Rischitelli to get Fev, but then traded Henderson.

Have the Lions traded so heavily that they have “thrown away tomorrow for today” (as Kris Kristofferson would say), or did they just top up nicely?

There is an excellent article by Jon Ralph in the Herald Sun on 26 Feb 2010:

which deals with the apparent quick fix nature of Brisbane’s trading late last year.  The sheer volume of trading makes it difficult to accurately predict the chances of the Lions in 2010.

They have 6 mature age recruits: Fevola, 29, Amon Buchanan, 28, Andrew Raines (23), Brent Staker (25), Matt Maguire (25) and Xavier Clarke (26).

This gives the Lions the perfect mix of age and experience a team needs to be a genuine premiership chance.

The biggest risk is getting the team to gel.


We asked some fans if they liked the Fevola trade:

Muzza: Yep!

Wozza: Nup!

Personal Trainer Ann Aerobic: Can a leotard change its spots?
(great to have a personal trainer who majors in philosophy!)

Charman and Xavier Clarke are the only injuries of note.


Players to buy:  Rockliff, Staker, Leuenberger and a watch on Maguire

Don’t expect too much from:  Jamie Charman, who has gone from one serious injury to another.

12.6 wins +/- 4 wins and 5th, but could finish anywhere from 3rd to 10th.


Possible Round 1 team:



Adcock, Jed
Black, Simon
Brennan, Jared
Brown, Jonathan
Clark, Mitch
Fevola, Brendan
Leuenberger, Matthew
Merrett, Daniel
Patfull, Joel
Power, Luke
Rich, Daniel

Rischitelli, Michael
Sherman, Justin
Staker, Brent



Buchanan, Amon

Drummond, Josh

Johnstone, Travis

McGrath, Ashley

Redden, Jack

Rockliff, Tom

Selwood, Troy

Stiller, Cheynee

* = injuries pre season



Banfield, Todd

Hawksley, James

Maguire, Matt

Polkinghorne, James

Proud, Albert

Raines, Andrew


Missing Injured

Charman, Jamie


Brisbane’s line-up hardest to nail down!!!