Collingwood 2010

Collingwood (updated 23 Mar 2010)

Review (added 27 Jan 2011)

1st (before finals) and 17.5 wins.  Analysis was excellent.  Most experts had them as finalists but not a serious premiership threat.


Time poor summary

Top 4 finish and chance at a flag looms with the addition of Ball and Jolly. 

Likely to enter the 2010 finals series in better shape than 2009.  Around 15 – 16 wins and 3rd.



More detailed Analysis

The Pies have recruited the best of all the clubs – especially getting Ball for “nothing” at pick 30 and filling the ruck void with Jolly.  Fraser has had to fill the role of first ruck for some years but he is more of a ruck rover type (for those too young – a tall on baller).  If this takes the pressure off Fraser and he can play out a full year, a better finals series beckons this year.  A fit Pendelbury would also be a bonus.  The pain of last year’s generally disappointing finals series should spur them on in 2010.  And an injury free Medhurst helps.

There are a few small minuses to consider: injuries to exciting Brad Dick and fill-in ruckman Wood. The draw is slightly harder (having to play the Saints and Cats twice compared to once last year).  They also have 2 lots of double 6 day breaks in 2010 and this only occurred once in 2009.  Rumours abound about Cloke’s knee.  They will need him firing in September to enhance their chances.

Their coaching ranks keep getting raided (a compliment to Mick and the team but also an unwanted disruption). The coaching setup with Nathan Buckley waiting in the wings will be watched with interest.  Although Mick and Nathan don’t appear to be a natural team, Buckley as the apprentice should work okay.  But the fans may have plenty to say if the team goes through a rough patch and string a few losses together.  The club needs to manage such issues, but a top four finish as predicted here should satisfy the members for 2010.

How Magpie fans react to the above words “Chance at a flag”

Primary schoolers:  Yes, a flag this year for sure

Secondary school students and young adults:  Maybe this is the year!

30 – 60 year olds:  How good was 1990!  Hopefully, some time soon, we can win another one.

60+ year olds: “Chance at a flag!” Heard it all before.  I just want one more flag in my lifetime!!!


Players to buy:  Medhurst, O’Brien, Buckley for the bench (Simon Buckley, that is!)

Don’t expect too much from:  Davis (for Dream Team and Supercoach).  He starred last year and cannot do any better.  They may use him more sparingly to nurse him through to September in good shape.

15.5 wins +/-  2 ½ wins and 3rd.

Possible Round 1 team:


Anthony, John  *

Ball, Luke

Cloke, Travis  *

Davis, Leon

Didak, Alan

Fraser, Josh

Jolly, Darren

Maxwell, Nick

Medhurst, Paul

O’Brien, Harry

Pendlebury, Scott

Prestigiacomo, Simon

Shaw, Heath

Swan, Dane

* = injuries pre season




Beams, Dayne

Brown, Leigh

Goldsack, Tyson (virus, test)

Johnson, Ben

Lockyer, Tarkyn

O’Bree, Shane

Sidebottom, Steele

Thomas, Dale



Barham, Jaxson

Brown, Nathan J.

Buckley, Simon

Dawes, Chris

McCarthy, John

Reid, Ben

Rusling, Sean  *

Toovey, Alan

* = injuries pre season



Missing Injured

Dick, Brad

Wood, Cameron



See possible R1 team selections at the bottom of this page.


See possible R1 team selections at the bottom of this page.