What is this website all about?
It’s about the love of the game of footy (= Australian Rules Footy) and the analysis of it.  Primarily, it is designed to assist people in avoiding silly errors in their footy tipping comps; also it will help people in a small way in the fantasy footy comps; and, hopefully, people will be able to see where they have gone wrong with their tips.

Will it help me tip better?
That depends on your own ability to learn and improve; you may also expand and improve on the tipping methodology shown in this website; if so, good; and you can go to the about / contact page and explain how it is done.

Is this a gambling page?
Here is a virtual guarantee: gamblers who try to use this page will lose; that is because of several reasons – A: gamblers find ways to lose; they will follow the page for several weeks and then jump on in the week that the analysis fails (or some team that should have won gets 5 injuries n a single game); B: the betting agencies take out a percentage of the pool (to put in simple terms); so being right 50% of the time will still mean that you will lose; footy tipping comps are usually set up to return 100% of the entrants money overall – and this is why this website is useful; C: gamblers who win using this website will usually lose their money elsewhere anyway; the website may be of use to some investors, however.

Will it help me get 9 winners every week?
No – especially in bye rounds; but it should help you discover what went wrong – because there is generally a review within a day or two of the end of the round.