Giants / Dees R21, 2012



by Pamela Sherpa (added 24 Aug 2012)


Saturday August 18, 2.10pm

Manuka Oval Canberra

Yesterday it snowed in Canberra. Rugging up is required today. I’m wearing a singlet, skivvy, Giants t-shirt, bottom thermals, long winter pants, a polar fleece jacket, polar fleece lined waterproof coat, beanie, scarf, gloves, shoes and socks. I also have a warm blanket in my bag. One woman sitting nearby is wearing three pairs of socks.

The Giants are playing a Canberra home game against Melbourne.

Prior to the game I attended the Giants fan forum where Richard Griffiths, chief operating officer and Kevin Sheedy, coach, updated members on the Giants progress this year. It was an opportunity to exchange feedback and I came away with good vibes about the Giant’s future, their administration and their fans. One man at the forum had never belonged to a sporting organisation before but felt inspired to sign up with the Giants.

Luke Power runs out to celebrate his 300th game. A true champion.

Melbourne get the first goal but the Giants are running and playing direct confident footy. A breeze blowing across the ground sees some kicks go astray but at least the players are moving and not frozen solid. Shaun Edward’s screamer and goal is the highlight of the quarter for the Giants.

At quarter time Giants are 2.2 to Melbourne 3.4

As the second quarter begins Melbourne once again get the first goal but a reply from Scully after a pack mark and low mongrel kick gives the Giants fans reason to cheer. When James MacDonald steals the ball and handpasses to Toby Greene  for another, there’s another big cheer.

The Dees then reply with two in a row. The weather has helped blow away some of the Dees scoring opportunities

Melbourne is 6.10. 46 to Giants 4.4 28 at half time and I get a hot cup of coffee to warm up my bloodstream.

By the third quarter the Demons seem to have acclimatised to the conditions and pile on four goals in a row while the Giants have stopped. They must be dreaming about the hot showers after the game. They only manage a behind for the entire quarter.

At three quarter time Melbourne are 9.13 67 to Giants 4.5 29

In the last quarter the sun disappears, the temperature drops and once again Melbourne get the first goal of the quarter. But the Giants have realised that moving keeps you warm and they score 5 goals for the quarter to Melbourne’s two. It’s the Dees who have become ice-blocks now.

Toby Greene reminds us of why, if you leave before the end, you might just miss something special. With the ball coming in high and only he and the taller Jack Watts to compete for it, Toby, in front position can’t out mark Jack but holds his ground, plays the ball down in front of him gets it onto his boot and kicks over his head to score a fabulous goal.

Both teams line up to cheer Luke Power off the ground.

At the Giants after match function it was revealed that the players reportedly got out of their ice baths and endured cold showers!

Talk about a cold afternoon!

Melbourne 11.18.84

Giants         9.5.59

BEST:        Melbourne: Howe, Trengove, Dunn, Grimes

GWS: Greene, Giles, Power, Adams

GOALS:    Melbourne: Howe 3, Sellar 2, Trengove 2, Rivers 2, Green, Grimes

Giants: Green 2, Phillips, Smith, McDonald, Davis, Edwards, Scully, Hoskin-Elliot

Crowd 7,561

Pamela Sherpa