Home prevention kit for Covid

Home prevention kit for Covid

Before deciding on whether this section is for you, a quiz may be useful:

Anti-vaxer quiz; which ones are anti-vaxers

A: Rejects the vaccine and takes no other preventative measures

B: Rejects the vaccine and uses other methods to prevent disease

C: Wants to wait until the vaccine has been fully tested and approved before using it

D: Takes the vaccine as well as vitamins etc to boost the immune system

E: Happy to take the vaccine and wonders if there’s an alternative – or anything that can assist

F: Takes the vaccine, but won’t vilify anyone who is vaccine hesitant
G: Takes the vaccine; and one day, whispers to a friend: I wonder if there is anything else I should be taking to protect me…. I just wonder

Answer: A + B in 2019

Answer: all of the above in 2022.

So, if you are relying on the vax only and want to dismiss all other alternatives, no point reading on; the kit is being plugged by someone who wasn’t an anti-vaxer in 2019, but would be called one now in 2022.

Think back a few years to a bad flu season.  Let’s say you could get the flu jab and take vitamin C.  Nobody expected you to stay off the vitamin C just because you got the flu jab.

Anyway, the clip below gives a list of things to have at home to prevent covid and to deal with it.  I like to listen to experts who are having success with covid patients rather than experts in Govt paid jobs (with have multiple stakeholders to keep happy).  The man in the video and his associates qualify as people having a lot of success treating patients.

So, after all that, if you still want extra help as well as the jab (whose effects will wear off in time) – or instead of the jab, then read on.

Most are available over the counter at pharmacies

Meet Me For Coffee Podcast (Canadian talking to an American Jan 2022)

6:00 – 10:00 minutes contains all the relevant bits on the kit to keep at home for covid treatment and prevention

povidone-iodine or betadine (or if cannot use the, use dilute hydrogen peroxide) – clip explains how to take

zinc 50mg / day

vitamin D3 – 5,000iu / day for prevention & 20,000iu / day for acute treatment

vitamin C – 3,000mg a day for acute treatment

Quercetin – 500mg /day for prevention and twice a day for treatment

famotidine – 80mg / day for acute treatment

Note that this website is not giving medical advice, just providing a link which may be useful for some.