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How to use this website

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To get to your various areas, move your mouse to one of the subjects on the top line. For most, a drop down box will then appear; and you can move down and select the required item. For some, no drop down box exists and you will need to click on the word itself.

For example, if you want to look at the tips and analysis for round 4 of the 2013 season, move your mouse to 2013 season and the drop down box will display all 23 rounds. Move your mouse to round 4 and click.

If you hold your mouse on About, a drop down menu appears with various options, including Contact.

At present, there is no function to search within the website for words.  But you can use a search engine, add in “” and the other word(s) you are looking for.  That should assist in most cases

Analysis Hints gives the footy fan clues on how to assess form and trends of the game. It will assist in helping people take the emotion out of the analysis.

The team (p)reviews section was completed just prior to the start of the season and gives a guide to fans on how to rate the teams leading into the year. As the season progresses, updates to team ratings will appear in the Footy Analysis Wisdom section.

The season section gives previews and reviews of each round. The previews for a typical round are usually added some time on a Thursday evening after the teams have been named. Occasionally, the preview may appear before the teams are announced, for operational reasons only.

Heart Blame gives real advice to fictitious characters who have deep seated needs associated with sport. The first fan to need help is Richmond fan Wrong Ron. Others will appear as the year progresses and, no doubt, a few more will have problems leading up to and during the finals series.

If you have any questions or are unsure how to proceed, click on About / Contact and send in an email.