I’ve been to Blacktown


I’ve been to Blacktown

Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012

Written by Pamela Sherpa


In the finest Almanac tradition, I can say- “I WAS THERE.”


Matt has chatted with Malcolm in the far north, Flynny’s been bedazzled by Bubba at Augusta, Dips has saluted the winner at Stawell, and now I can declare that ‘I’ve been to Blacktown.’



I knew Blacktown was somewhere between Sydney and the Blue Mts. but had no idea where the actual football ground ‘Sportspark’ was.  After looking at a map and assuming the ground was at the Blacktown Olympic Park complex, my friends in the Blue Mtns. suggested driving down there would be the easiest option. It was an easy 1hr drive, and $10 to park a few hundred metres from the ground.  No probs!


My general admission ticket entitled me to sit on the grass slope surrounding most of the ground.  There is only one main grandstand with seating.  Behind the fence gum trees surround the park and there’s even a bit of swamp land. I could be anywhere in the bush. The Sportspark complex was apparently built for the 2000 Olympics.


It’s a warm autumn day so shoes and socks immediately come off and I roll up my jeans.


I settle in with the orange brigade. We out number our opposition West Coast supporters quite significantly, and we will take any small advantage we can get on or off the field this year.


We’re here for the long haul. Losses, challenges, disappointments. It’s all part of the journey.


The Eagles are seasoned travellers and footballers and waste no time getting down to business. Their first five shots for goal are accurate. They kick 11.4 for the quarter and the Giants manage to register two straight. At least we’ve scored.


In the second quarter the Eagles add 4.4 to their total and the Giants score 2.1 We are consistent. We have not faded away yet.


At three quarter time the score is 21.9 to 6.5. The Giants have added their regulation two for the quarter and the big excitement was that Izzy registered his first kick for the game. When you barrack for the Giants small moments like this are seized upon and celebrated.

The Giants double their quota in the last quarter and actually outscore the potential premiers. We had a go and we tired them out! Positive signs.

Final scores: Eagles 23.12(150) to Giants 10.9(69)


I’ve enjoyed watching old timers Chad Cornes, Dean Brogan and Luke Power earn their pension checks and our youngsters who are having a dip and learning the game. Tom Scully has a cool head and good skills to match.


 And of course we have Izzy. He is in a separate category altogether at the moment. But the fans love him.

Someone once said’ Love is all you need. ‘ Izzy will get lots of love but he also needs to get a bit of the ball. He has a brilliant leap and the ruck seems to be the obvious place to put him to allow him to get a feel for and into the game.

There’s a long season a ahead which means – time for a lot of improvement. It will be interesting to see what Sheeds does with him.


I’m thrilled that the Giants have actually scored 10 goals for a game and for the the statisticians out there – we happen to have registered a greater score than Collingwood , Brisbane and the Bulldogs for round three.


 And I now know where Blacktown is.