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Northern Football League (in Melbourne)

AFL Footy websites


For footy fun  

The Coodabeens have been creating footy fun since 1981. 

Their show is on 3LO and other ABC associated stations from 11.00AM to 1.00PM on Saturdays during the footy season.  Lots of fun and frivolity as well as some SFT (Serious Football Talk).


The AFL official website

This site contains links to all the official team websites.

It also gives you the ability to gain access to the free Dream Team competition and free NAB tipping competition. The NAB comp also has a “Gauntlet” comp beginning in round 7 where you need to pick one winner only per week.


The Herald Sun AFL web page

This site contains Supercoach points round by round.
It also gives you the ability to gain access to the free SuperCoach competition and free SuperTipping competition (which includes Weighted Tipping).


The Age AFL web page

This site gives you the ability to gain access to the free PRO-TIPPING competition and also the fascinating AFL Streak competition (in which you pick your certainties each week to build a streak – and the one with the longest streak wins! Pick a loser? Never mind; just begin again and build a new streak)


Adam White’s Twitter page

This is great for latest news on ins and outs – designed for the footy tipster


AFL Final Siren

A wealth of footy stats and great for looking back in history as well as current trends.

This part of the website:

allows you to enter the names of two teams and see their head to head history going back ten years or so.


Lots of news at

and this part of the website

allows you to look at individual players to compare their Dream Team vs SuperCoach Prices {remember that Supercoach has a bigger salary cap ($10mil) than Dream Team ($7,962mil) and so you would expect the Dream Team player values to be on average 20% less than SuperCoach}.  You will find some discrepancies.  One player may be more of a bargain in one comp than the other.


A whole heap of things to be found at


And also lots of blogs here


Some fan websites devoted to individual clubs


Good updates on player progress from outside the fence