Port + Rich 2012

(data to be added in March 2012)


End of year Analysis in purple below






Blue = Bad news (may go worse than last year; may have injury trouble or do worse than most people think)

Pink = Positive news (may exceed expectations or has overcome previous injuries)

Black = neither bad nor positive at this stage, but worthy of a comment

G = Gold (suggestion for Supercoach and > $400K)

S = Silver (suggestion for Supercoach and $200K to $400K)

B = Bronze (suggestion for Supercoach and < $200K)


Updates to appear sometime after each NAB Cup match (last update 26 March 2012 – including NAB R3 data and updates / additions have a *)





Port Adelaide 10 wins and 12th.

After round 7 updated analysis: 6 wins and 15th
Initial tip was way too optimistic!! Everyone suspected that Port had improved when the beat the Saints in round 1; the question was: how much? It now appears the answer is: not enough. The coach is in the final year of his contract and under huge pressure. Losing Gray for the year hasn’t helped; not has the delayed return of Lobbe. They can still improve on their record with a number of games against lowly teams yet to come

End of season: 5.5 wins and 14th.  Analysis was poor.  Yes, they had improved from 2011, but not as much as I thought.  Also, they seemed to have momentum (of sorts) in late 2011, but they lost it big time in 2012 and also had administration troubles – and then the coach went west.  Injuries didn’t help either – especially losing Gray for the year.




Port Adelaide (Note: this update will cease after each team has played R1; thereafter, the injury lists are freely available at

* Ah Chee, Brendon Played only part of NAB R2. Played SANFL NAB R4, so unlikely to be in the best 22.

* Banner, Mitchell Wore green vest Nab R1A. . Played SANFL for NAB R4

Blee, Nathan Missed training in Jan for unknown injury; Garry Hocking reckons he is behind others due to “being a bit crook” in pre-season. A mature aged recruit. Played only part of NAB R2. Selected for NAB R3 but not used

* Boak, Travis G Doing well in pre-season. Excelled in NAB R4

* Broadbent, Matthew Starred in NAB R4

* Butcher, John Had a severe back problem in 2010 and was a young, developing tall forward in 2011. Likely to improve further in 2012. Had “general soreness” before NAB R1 and only played the first match. Did well NAB R2 and subbed off at 3/4 time in that match. Poor numbers in NAB R3 & 4

Carlile, Alipate Played only part of NAB R2

Chaplin, Troy Appears leaner in 2012 and may be given more running duties

* Cornes, Kane G Was a ball magnet prior to 2011 when it all went wrong. His brother left for GWS and he was also rumoured as a trade possibility. If he is back in the groove now, he may excel. Turns 30 in Jan 2013. Played only part of NAB R2 and NAB R3 numbers were ordinary. Then starred NAB R4

* Ebert, Brad Flying in pre-season; green vested 3 times for the Eagles late in the year and then omitted for 2nd and 3rd finals; will do better at Port and a chance to get more action. Excelled NAB R4

* Ebert, Brett Hamstring tightness caused him to miss NAB Cup R1, 2 & 3. Played SANFL for NAB R4 and needs match practice.

* Gray, Robbie G Hasn’t missed s session in the pre-season. Played every game in 2011 after missing a lot of the 2010 season. Reported to have improved further from 2011 and a better endurance runner. Starred NAB R4

* Hartlett, Hamish Resumed full training in Jan after major shoulder issues. Suffered a shoulder injury in 3Q during NAB R3. missed NAB R4 and may play R1.

* Hitchcock, Cameron Partially dislocated shoulder at training; surgery Jan 2012 and possible R6 return. On long term injury list

* Jacobs, Ben Began 2011 with glandular fever and may improve in 2012. Played only part of NAB R3. Did well in NAB Cup comp.

Lobbe, Matthew Hip surgery in Jan 2012 and will miss several weeks of the regular season

Logan, Tom Played only part of NAB R3

McCarthy, John S Was meant to play NAB R1A+B, but gastro meant that he played R1A; did very well NAB R2. Played only part of NAB R3 but still impressed

* Moore, Andrew Club expects him to step up in 2012, but was just average NAB 1 & 2 and then not selected for NAB R3. Played SANFL NAB R4

* Newton, Ben Hip injury was supposed to rule him out of NAB Cup, but played about half a quarter vs Eagles and did well. Is still underdone, but may make an impact as the season unfolds. Not selected for NAB R3. Played SANFL NAB R4

* Pearce, Danyle Looks like being played as a defender running off half back this year a la Chris Yarran. He had trouble shaking taggers and clubs may even tag him in this role. Starred NAB R4

* Phillips, Simon Off season shoulder operation and back in full training mid Jan. Wore green vest Nab R1A. Played only part of NAB R3 and he copped a poke in the eye. Missed NAB R4 but that should be all he will miss. Probably just outside the best 22

Pittard, Jasper Missed NAB R1 with a hammie. Club expects him to step up in 2012. Played only part of NAB R2. Did a hammie soon after and will miss NAB R3 & 4. Must now be doubtful for R1 regular season and may return via the SANFL

Redden, Jarrad B With injuries to Lobbe and Renouf, may begin year as no. 1 ruckman. Has plenty of size. Played against Cox in NAB R2 and did extremely well. Again impressed NAB R3 (where Freo rested Sandilands). Port may not play both Renouf and Redden, but Redden looks the better option at this early stage of the season

* Renouf, Brent Had knee tendonitis in pre-season; returned for NAB R3, but missed NAB R4 and would be underdone if he plays R1

* Rodan, David Played NAB R1 and then a minor back injury saw him miss NAB R2, 3 & 4. Expected to be ready for regular season

* Salopek, Steven Had post-season surgery at the end of 2008/09/10 and none after 2011. Played only part of NAB R3 in which he suffered a broken nose. Played well SANFL NAB R4

* Salter, Nick Played only part of NAB R2. Selected for NAB R3 but not used as he has re-injured his foot. Will miss several weeks of the regular season and likely to return via the SANFL

* Stewart, Daniel S Played a half NAB R3 and coach says he is a big chance to play R1 regular season. Did well NAB R2 & 4

* Stewart, Paul S Played 20 games in 2010 but only 8 in 2011 due to injury. Training extra well and may improve. Did well NAB R3 & 4

* Surjan, Jacob S Began 2011 with knee problems and season never got going. May improve significantly this year. Did well NAB R3 & 4

* Thomas, Matt Stress fractures in right knee late in 2011. Resumed full training on 09 Feb, Played NAB Cup R4 and will play “NAB R5” in the SANFL. Likely to play R1.

* Trengove, Jackson Wore green vest Nab R1B. Named for NAB R2 but did not play. Dislocated a finger in the 1st quarter of NAB R4 and immediately subbed off. Will miss R1, but should be fine for R2

* Wingard, Chad Doing well in pre-season and one to watch in NAB. Played only part of NAB R2. Did okay NAB R3 then missed NAB R4,

* Young, Aaron Did okay NAB R4 and may get games in 2012


Butcher, Danny Pneumonia early Jan

* Irons, Jarrad Played only part of NAB R2. Played SANFL Reserves NAB R4, so seems a long way off the pace

* Pfeiffer, Darren B Promoted rookie. Doing well pre-season and a chance to play R1

* Webb, Daniel Did his hammie Feb and missed all NAB R1, 2 & 3, but did play SANFL NAB R4






Richmond  12 wins and (ugh) 9th.

After round 7 updated analysis: 11 wins and 12th
Initial tip was close enough. The year began with 4 of the top 5 from last year in rounds 1, 2, 4 and 5. They were (arguably) some chance in the final quarter in each game. Good wins in rounds 6 and 7 have given them some confidence and hope. Given that they are giving others a start now, their next 3 weeks (Dons, Hawks and Saints) are critical. They need to win 1 or 2 to keep in touch. If they are close by round 23, they do play Port at home then

End of season: 10.5 wins and 12th.  Analysis was fair.  Their R23 draw with Port prevented them from finishing 10th in front of the Blues and Dons (beneficial from a draft viewpoint, but agony for the fans to watch on the day!).  They escaped relatively well injury-wise. Ivan Maric was the big plus for the Tigers in 2012!




(Note: this update will cease after each team has played R1; thereafter, the injury lists are freely available at






* Arnot, Matthew Cotchin likes him, but likely to be in the VFL in 2012

Astbury, David Recovering from dislocated knee. Will not play Nab Cup and may miss regular season games as well

Browne, Andrew On a restricted program for training day 11 Jan. Did not play NAB R1,2 or 3 and apparently on the long term injury list

* Conca, Reece S Coach wants to play him more in the midfield this year. Red vested twice and injured late last year. Having a good pre-season and expect to be in best 22. Starred in NAB Cup R1 but offered 3 weeks which means he can play R1 against Carlton because week 4 of the NAB is an official match – even though Richmond is not in the final. May slot straight into the team despite lack of match practice.

* Connors, Daniel Discipline problems and suspended by the club in October. Returned to training in mid Feb in good nick, but needs time to be match ready; also has had an injury in the pre-season. Played part of NAB R2 and then back to the VFL. A chance to play if his VFL form is good

* Cotchin, Trent Minor calf strain end 2011, but done well since. Ran into form NAB R3 & 4

* Dea, Matthew Played part of NAB R2 and then back to the VFL. Appears to be just outside the best 22

* Deledio, Brett GWS Rumours; minor hammie in intraclub match 10 Feb and missed NAB R1, 2 & 3. Absolutely blitzed in NAB R4 (vs GWS). Hasn’t had the required minuted in the pre-season, but looks in good form

* Derickx, Tom Ankle injury ruined 2011 season, but moving well in 2012 pre-season and training as a forward; impressed with his marking. Played only part of NAB R2, then back to the VFL. Unlikely to be considered early in the season

* Edwards, Shane Bulked up pre-season and figures quite good in NAB Cup. Played all games bar NAB R1B

Ellis, Brandon B Cotchin likes him; did okay vs Hawthorn in practice match. Also impressed in intraclub 10 Feb. Glenn Luff says “Watch”. Impressed NAB Cup R3 at Geelong. Played all NAB Cup games and a chance to play immediately

* Elton, Todd Cotchin likes him; he trained as a CHF in training and impressed. May not be a huge possession winner. Played only part of NAB R2 R2 and then back to the VFL.

* Foley, Nathan G Has done his first pre-season for a few years. Starred in NAB R3 & 4

* Graham, Angus No cert for a game in round 1 as he has more competition this year. Did okay in VFL “NAB R5”

Griffiths, Benjamin A few problems pre season, promising; missed intraclub 10 Feb. Missed NAB R1 with injury and played VFL practice match NAB R2. Being groomed as a defender and is expected to begin the regular season in the VFL

* Grigg, Shaun Excelled in NAB R3 & 4

* Grimes, Dylan Has done a full pre-season after missing last half of 2011. Looks to be a bonus for defence, but not a huge possession winner

* Helbig, Bradley Played only part of NAB R2. Just average NAB R3, then back to the VFL

* Houli, Bachar Has been selected for kick-out duties in match simulation at training. Having a good pre-season. Played only part of NAB R2, then did well NAB R3 & 4

* King, Jake Played as a forward applying pressure and keeping the ball in. Will miss R1 regular season through suspension and surprisingly missed NAB R4 when it would seem that he needed the run. Maybe the Tigers were trialling their R1 team in NAB R4

* MacDonald, Dean Good pre-season, but given extended leave in March for personal reasons

McGuane, Luke With rehab group 18 Jan. Played NAB R1A and NAB R2 without getting much of the ball, then back to VFL for NAB R3. Played well VFL “NAB R5”

* Maric, Ivan S Good pre-season. Played a half NAB R2 and did well NAB R3. Taken off in NAB R4. Clear number one ruckman for the Tigers now.

* Martin, Dustin G Subbed off at half time NAB R2 after 16 disposals and very good NAB R3. Not huge numbers vs GWS in NAB R4, but likely to go to the next level in 2012

* Moore, Kelvin Horror run of injuries and more surgery in Dec 2011; missed intraclub 10 Feb and NAB Cup. On long term injury list

* Morris, Steven Mature age recruit from SANFL and son of Tiger Kevin Morris. Captain likes him and he impressed in intraclub 10 Feb. Excelled in NAB R4 and highly likely to play round 1. Glenn Luff likes him

* Nahas, Robin The best Nahas ever to play and starred in NAB R4

* Newman, Chris Has trained as a midfielder for some of pre-season. Subbed off at half time NAB R2. Hit form NAB R3 & 4

O’Hanlon, Brett Showing some promise in the pre-season. Played only part of NAB R2

* Post, Jayden Consistent numbers in NAB Cup and a chance to be a regular in 2012

* Rance, Alex Played only part of NAB R2, then did well NAB R3 & 4

* Riewoldt, Jack G Post-season hip, finger and ankle surgery; but is said to be primed for R1. Played NAB R1A. Subbed off at half time NAB R2. Excelled NAB R3 and the star of the show in NAB R4

* Vickery, Tyrone Consistent in NAB Cup and may improve further in 2012

* Webberley, Jeromey Did well NAB R2, then back to the VFL. Perennial 23rd man and one of the best in VFL “NAB R5”


Heslin, John Irishman who has returned home to Ireland

* Maric, Addam Promoted rookie. One of the Tigers’ best in NAB Cup and almost a cert for R1 Blues game

* Miller, Brad Promoted rookie. One of the Tigers’ best in NAB Cup and likely to play R1 Blues game

Verrier, Steven Played only part of NAB R2

Wright, Piva Played only part of NAB R2