Richmond 2010

Richmond (updated 23 Mar 2010) 

Time poor summary

Many have the Tigers as wooden spooners, but the new era should see them gradually rebuild with approx 7 wins and 15th

 See possible R1 team selections at the bottom of this page (but you will know the selected team by Wednesday).


More detailed Analysis

The build up this year has been deliberately low key – unlike the fanfare that came on the back of 9th in 2008 and the Ben Cousins signing.  It all came horribly unglued in the first round (refer to the pain it caused Tiger fan Wrong Ron in the Heart Blame area of the website).


The Tigers are in a similar position to North Melbourne in that there have been major coaching changes.  Out goes Terry Wallace, David King, Craig McRae, Jade Rawlings (stand in coach late 2009 and assistant at Brisbane) and Brian Royal.  As well as Damien Hardwick, the Tigers welcome in Brendon Lade (Port), Justin Leppitsch (swapping with Rawlings) and Daniel Daly (North).


Beginning with the negatives at Richmond:

Number one is poor disposal (as exemplified in the last match NAB Challenge against Essendon).  This must be top of the list for the new coaching team.  There will be other areas Hardwick will also want to address and put his stamp on the team.


The other area is recruiting (not fair on fans to discuss the past 10 years here) and trading players out.  Did they move on Raines just when he was about to come good (like they did with David Rodan in 2006 / 07)? 


Next, look at the departures:  Bowden, Brown, Coughlan, Johnson, Pettifer and Richo.

This is why many are tipping the Tigers to win the spoon.  But the fact is that many of these players hardly had an impact in 2009.  When more of these were playing in 2008, the Tigers finished 9th.  So analysts need to be wary not to mark the Tigers too far down on this score. 


The fact that so much experience was lost and that the new recruits are mostly very young means that a rebuilding time has begun.  But there are a few positives.  The Terry Wallace era probably would have ended in 2007 had he been on a standard 3 year contract.  But he was in the third of a 5 year deal.  The ending of this contract will bring a sense of relief to the club and provide a psychological “upper” as they move into a new era.  Add to this the natural improvement of the young players and 2010 ends up looking slightly better than last year.  Dustin Martin looks like a ready made player and Tiger fans should be pleased that they snapped him up at pick 3.


Graham Polak and Relton Roberts have been elevated from the rookie list.


Players to buy:  Martin, Connors

Don’t expect too much from:  Foley will miss a few early games recovering from an ankle operation.

Look for 7.1 wins + / – 2 ½ wins and 15th.


Possible Round 1 team:


Cotchin, Trent  *

Deledio, Brett

Jackson, Daniel

McGuane, Luke

Martin, Dustin

Moore, Kelvin

Morton, Mitch

Nahas, Robin

Newman, Chris

Riewoldt, Jack

Simmonds, Troy

Tambling, Richard

Thursfield, Will

Tuck, Shane

White, Matt

* = injuries pre season




Connors, Daniel

Cousins, Ben  * (test, hospitalization)

Graham, Angus

Hislop, Tom

McMahon, Jordan

Polo, Dean

Rance, Alex

* = injuries pre season



Edwards, Shane

Farmer, Mitch

Nason, Ben

Taylor, Troy

Vickery, Tyrone

Polak, Graham (elevated from rookie list)

Roberts, Relton (elevated from rookie list)


Missing Injured

Foley, Nathan