Ron gets extra help

Ron gets extra help

Added 18 June 2010

Psycho Anna Liszt:  Ron, did you get to see Jack Riewoldt kick ten last week?

Wrong Ron:   Yes, one of the best days of my life.  He might kick ten again this week if Ghana can slip him into their soccer team.

PAL:   How did you go with convincing yourself that those childhood experiences were not your fault?

WR:   Well {sheepishly} really good, sort of…  I, um…

PAL:   You look really on top of things, Wrong Ron.

WR:   Yeah, well, um, I sort of had this dream.. or was I awake? I don’t know.

PAL:   Tell me about it

WR:   Late one night, I just said flippantly, “Oh, God, how can I ever get over this?” and then went to bed, thinking nothing more of it.

PAL:   Go on.

WR:   Anyway, I woke up; or was I still asleep….  And Jesus was talking to me.

PAL:   Really {wants to check on his mental health}, and what did Jesus say.

WR:   I was remembering those childhood experiences; first the one where I blamed myself for mum’s car crash.  I was crying like it just happened yesterday – and I don’t normally cry at all, except concerning Richmond.  But he was back there in my memory.  And he told me something.
PAL:   And what was that?

WR:   Well, that mum’s crash wasn’t my fault.

PAL:   Hang on, I told you that!

WR:   Yes, that’s true.

PAL:   Go on.

WR:   Well, he was sort of, somehow there to comfort me as well when I felt all alone.  And then there was the bit about the kid at school blaming me for the Richmond losses.

PAL:   Yes.

WR:   Well, he arrived there as well and, once again, found me terribly upset.  He told me that they weren’t my fault either.

PAL:   But I told you that as well, why didn’t you believe me in the first place?

WR:  Well, I did believe you, but it didn’t change me.  He told me and I was different.

PAL:   Well, Wrong Ron, normally when people claim to hear from a divine source, it’s usually something ridiculous.  But THIS divine source agreed with me.  And, besides, you look a totally different person!

WR:   I feel really light and free, somehow.  I wonder how I will go next time Richmond lose!

PAL:   You probably won’t have to wait for long.

WR:   So, I was a bit nervous about telling you all about this; I didn’t mean to put you down or anything, Psycho Anna.

PAL:   No, Wrong Ron, it’s okay.  Let us just go back into those two memories again and check.

WR:   Okay, mum’s accident.  I’m there.  It’s all clear – no guilt, no tears; just peace and calm.  And now on to the kid at school… {laughs}  that big kid looks so small now…. I’m hearing more stuff now… he had a harsh father… he had more problems than me.  I sort of feel sorry for him now.  But I feel free as I remember this.  And I even feel good when I think back to Richmond losses.

PAL:   That’s what we’ve been looking for all along.  We have made great progress, even if by a strange method.

WR:   Oh, and I applied for a new job.

PAL:   What sort of job?

WR:   It’s an Aussie Rules evaluation project.  You go all over Australia and report back to the boss on how things are Aussie Rules wise, in each area.  Then on to the whole world.  If I get the job, I will be promoting Aussie Rules wherever I go; myself and my colleagues.

PAL:   All the best with that Ron.  Will you be talking to Jesus again?

WR:   Well, I’d like to, but I’m not sure when he is available; or when he may next visit.  I still want to see you again to check progress. 
PAL:   That sounds good, Ron.  You should review situations that used to trigger all these bad feelings.  When you find yourself in one of those circumstances, see how you feel and tell me next time.  And let me know how the job application went.
WR:   Will do; see you next time.  {Ron departs, feeling relieved}

PAL:   {after Ron’s departure} Whata strange turn of events!  At least he is better now.