Round 2, 2014

Round 2, 2014

This report will be very brief due to operational issues. Normal services will resume in R3.

Teams                   Winner        Variance


ESS v HAW                   HAW 23      EXTREME

STK v GWS                   STK31        HIGH

PORT v ADEL     PORT 5      HIGH

SYD v COLL        SYD 23       HIGH

FREO v SUNS      FREO 51     HIGH

BRIS v GEEL       GEEL 11     HIGH

MELB v WCE       WCE 26      HIGH

WBD v NMFC      NMFC 31    HIGH

2 certs are Freo and the Roos.

This week is very important for Dons, Port and Giants who had unexpectedly good results.  Their efforts in week 2 will determine their early progress at least.

For the Giants, this win was like a GF win for them.  They have probably been building up for this for some time. They are highly likely to be flat thereafter and not sure if the 2 weeks’ break is good or bad – probably bad.  As such, the tip for the Saints is strong, just short of “cert” territory.  Absolutely stunned that they are the outsiders.

Best outsiders are the Crows and Lions

The Tigers are well placed to beat the Blues, so long as they can hold their nerve.  Walker missing is a bonus for the Tigers

50/50 tip = Saints to win