St K + Syd 2012

(data to be added in March 2012)


End of year Analysis in purple below





Blue = Bad news (may go worse than last year; may have injury trouble or do worse than most people think)

Pink = Positive news (may exceed expectations or has overcome previous injuries)

Black = neither bad nor positive at this stage, but worthy of a comment



G = Gold (suggestion for Supercoach and > $400K)

S = Silver (suggestion for Supercoach and $200K to $400K)

B = Bronze (suggestion for Supercoach and < $200K)





Updates to appear sometime after each NAB Cup match [last update 12 March 2012 (Saints after NAB R3) and 18 March (Swans after NAB R4) and updates / additions have a *]


St kilda 11 wins and 11th.

After round 7 updated analysis: 12 wins and 10th
Initial tip was close enough. They are hard to work out with losses as favourites to Port (away) and Freo (home). Then they beat the Blues just to confuse everyone even more. The next 3 weeks are critical as they play rounds 7 – 10 with 3 x 6 day breaks. They play the Eagles (away), Swans (home) and Tigers

End of season: 12 wins and 9th.  Analysis was good, but the year was a trauma for Saints fans.  Lenny Hayes was the big positive with a great return from serious injury.  Although they were able to really slaughter a few lowly teams, the R1 loss to Port put them on the back foot very early.



St Kilda (Have been training behind closed doors and information is scant)  (Note: this update will cease after each team has played R1; thereafter, the injury lists are freely available at

* Coach intimated that the 29 players selected for Nab R3 would be the

ones fighting for the 22 spots for R1 (note: NAB R2 was cancelled)

* Clarke, Raphael Missed NAB Cup R1 with “soreness”. Played in VFL NAB R3

* Cripps, Jamie Doing well in pre-season after Dec 2011 quad injury. Apparently will be a running defender in 2012. Did well NAB R1 and coach says “not a walk-up start but thereabouts” after NAB R3

Dempster, Sean May play as a tall defender to replace Zac Dawson

* Goddard, Brendon GWS rumours; just average in Feb intraclub. Used sparingly in NAB R3

Gwilt, James Knee surgery July 2011. Expected return June 2012

* Hayes, Lenny Played NAB 1A and did okay for his first hit-out. Has been training well and was reasonable NAB R3

Koschitzke, Justin Lost a bit of weight in off season. A Bit sore after NAB R1A and didn’t play NAB R1B

* Ledger, Tom Wiped out with hammie injuries in 2011 but doing very well in pre-season. Impressed in NAB R1, but sustained a slight calf injury to miss NAB R2. coach said “did some good things ” in NAB R3

* McEvoy, Ben On modified program pre Christmas. Played both matches in NAB R1. Copped a knock NAB R3 and subbed out at half time

* Milera, Terry Coach was happy with his game Nab R1. Selected for NAB R3 but scored duck eggs, so don’t know if he got on the ground at all

* Montagna, Leigh Was named in Saints squad for NAB Cup R1 but pulled out the day before the match with a minor achilles issue. Played okay NAB R3

Peake, Brett Wore green vest Nab R1A

* Riewoldt, Nick Minor knee surgery Sep 2011 (after the Saints bowed out in week 1 of the finals) and he is doing well on the track in pre-season. Played 3/4 of NAB R3

Ross, Sebastian Solidly built and training well in pre-season. Coach likes his composure, but played VFL NAB R3

* Saad, Ahmed Potential replacement for Milne and probably not in the best 22 yet. But Glenn Luff likes him a bit. One the verge on best in the best 22, according to the coach. Did well NAB R1 but not selected for NAB R3 and not listed for the VFL game either

* Simpkin, Tom Coach liked his game NAB R3

* Siposs, Arryn Wore green vest Nab R1A. One the verge on best in the best 22, according to the coach

Stanley, Rhys Was suspended by the club pre-season 2011 and then had a shocker with injuries. Saints training privately, but he could be a big improver and a 2nd ruck option. Coach was happy with his game Nab R1

* Steven, Jack Appeared to be on a modified training program early 2012. Played well NAB R1A and rested NAB R1B. Leigh Montagna expects him to have abreak-out year. Played only a part of NAB R3

* Wilkes, Beau New coach likes him and will begin him in defence. Played only a part of NAB R3

* Winmar, Nicholas Ankle problems have restricted his pre-season; copped a “bit of a knock” in Feb. Played only a part of NAB R3


Archer, Daniel Hamstring injury will keep him out of the Nab Cup

Curren, Thomas Added to the NAB Cup R1 squad after Montagna pulled out, so he is probably not near the best 22. Wore green vest Nab R1B

* Shenton, Cameron Wore green vest Nab R1B. Played only a part of NAB R3

Sydney (2011: 7th before finals with 12 1/2 wins)

Players Pre-season (Note: this update will cease after each team has played R1; thereafter, the injury lists are freely available at


2012: 13 wins and 8th

After round 7 updated analysis: 13 wins and 8th
Initial tip was terrific. They looked to be a real top 4 chance, but injuries to Mumford and Goodes, plus the lack of form of other talls has relegated them back in the pack a bit. The last 5 weeks of the season will be crucial. They play the Blues (away), Pies (home), Dogs (away), Hawks (home) and Cats away


End of season: 16 wins and 3rd (then won the flag).  Analysis was just fair.  They did very well injury-wise after a couple of scares with Mumford and Goodes.  Jack was a real star (and kicked a vital 4Q goal in the GF).  Jetta and Pyke also improved drastically in 2012.  they caught and inexperienced Crows team off guard in the first week of the finals and then had the easy run through to the GF.


Brief Summary: Expect them to be thereabouts and in finals contention in 2012

More Detail:

Definitely missing round 1 (from best 22): None, but see next line below

May miss round 1 or be underdone (from best 22): Daniel Hannebery, Ryan O’Keefe

Look for improvement from: Kieren Jack, Luke Parker

Don’t expect too much from: Ryan O’Keefe is 31 and has missed a chunk of the pre-season with injuries

Likely to get a game R1: For the Swans, you will have the selected team prior to the deadline for the week 1 tips

Keys for the club: They need a big man to step up and assist Mumford, or become a key forward. This year, it could come from Sam Reid, Jesse White (will he ever come good?), Mark Seaby or Mike Pyke

Important Rounds: The Swans last 5 games are against 4 of the top five from 2011 plus a tricky game against the Dogs in Melbourne

Full data to be added by 29 March 2012




* Armstrong, Tony Going home to Sydney. Could replace Irishman Kennelly, but leg injuries saw him miss the entire NAB Cup and don’t expect to see him for a few weeks into the main season

* Bird, Craig Flying in pre-season and produced good numbers in NAB Cup

Bolton, Jude Coach liked his NAB R1A game. Starred NAB R2 and played NAB R3 (with average numbers) before being rested NAB R4

* Dennis-Lane, Trent Quad injury but back in full training early Feb. Not seen at NAB R1,2 or 3, but played reserves NAB R4. Unlikely to play seniors early season

Everitt, Andrejs S May play more in the midfield

* Goodes, Adam Top player but has flat patches. Impressed in 10 Feb intraclub and has had a good pre-season. Coach liked his NAB R1 game, but suspended for NAB R2. Played NAB R3 & R4, so has had a good intro to the season

Gordon, Nathan Has worn the green vest in NAB Cup 1, 2 and 3

* Grundy, Heath Played only part of NAB R2. Starred NAB R4

* Hannebery, Daniel Shoulder reco surgery post season and minor knee surgery Jan 2012; had been running well in Dec; missed intraclub 17 Feb and NAB R1, 2 & 3. Played some game time NAB R4 and did okay. Underdone for R1 if he plays

* Jack, Kieren G Copped a corked shin and subbed out at 3/4 time in NAB R3, but returned for NAB R4 and did well

* Johnson, Alex Has done well in the NAB Cup and played every game

* Kennedy, Josh P. Played NAB R2, 3 & 4 and starred in R4

Lamb, Jed Played only part of NAB R2

Lockyer, Jordan May play as a running defender; gets a chance in Nab Cup while Armstrong is injured. Impressed in 17 Feb intraclub. However, played NAB 1A and missed 1B, 2 & 3

* Malceski, Nick Had knee and groin problems 2011 and did a complete pre-season. But the chances of a LARS knee being re-injured are a concern. Played only part of NAB R3, then starred NAB R4

* McGlynn, Ben Impressed in 17 Feb intraclub. Rested NAB R3 and then excelled NAB R4

McVeigh, Jarrad Impressed in 17 Feb intraclub. Good figures NAB R3 & 4

* Meredith, Brett Not seen in NAB Cup and played reserves NAB R4. Appears to be out of the best 22

Mitchell, Tom Racked up huge numbers in under age footy, but been on a limited training regime for most of the pre-season; will miss NAB Cup due to a knee tendonitis

* Moore, Jarred Played only a small part of NAB cup and played reserves NAB R4

* Morton, Mitch Glenn Luff expects him to play early, but a risk. Had a quad problem early in pre-season and a “minor hiccup” in Feb but he says he is fitter this year. Impressed coach in intraclub. Played only part of NAB R2. Just average NAB R3 and reserves in NAB R4 – not good news

* Mumford, Shane Played only part of NAB R2 & R3, then starred NAB R4

O’Keefe, Ryan Missed 17 Feb intraclub with a corkie. Suffered bruised knee since then and likely to miss all of NAB Cup + R1 (a week earlier than other clubs) match vs GWS

* Parker, Luke S Subbed out during NAB R2. Scoring good numbers in the NAB Cup and looks to have improved

* Pyke, Mike Doing well in pre-season after injuries ruined 2011. chance to play R1 and did well NAB R1 in Mumford’s absence. Numbers since then have been just average and missed NAB R4

* Reid, Sam Impressed intraclub 17 Feb and also in NAB R1A. Form since patchy

* Roberts-Thomson, Lewis Minor hammie in pre-season and due to play some time in NAB Cup. Becoming an injury risk. Played only part of NAB R2 & R3 and back to reasonable numbers NAB R4

* Rohan, Gary S Multiple injuries in 2011, but impressing pre season. Impressed in 10 Feb intraclub. Rolled an ankle NAB R4 one week prior to R1, so must be in severe doubt for R1

* Seaby, Mark On trade table post season but no deal done. Played only part of NAB R2 & R3 and reserves in NAB R4

* Smith, Nick Played only part of NAB R3. Did well other NAB Games. A stopped who may not get a lot of the ball

* Spangher, Matthew Hammie 2nd week Feb. Missed all of NAB Cup and in doubt for R1 match

* Walsh, Tommy Coach likes him Glen Luff expects him to play day one; missed 17 Feb intraclub with a “minor foot problem”. Coach says, “has a bit to learn but is big, strong and aggressive”. Didn’t do a lot in NAB R1A. Played only part of NAB R2 and failed to impress NAB R3. In reserves team for NAB R4

* White, Jesse Played in defence 10 Feb intraclub. (LRT is an injury risk and the may have caused this trial move). Played reserves NAB R4


Biggs, Shane Wore green vest Nab R1A +R1B

* Cunningham, Harry B Kicked 2 goals in NAB R1. Wore green vest Nab R1B. Played in defence NAB R2. Played only part of NAB R3. Appears close to promotion, but probably not in the best 22 at this stage