Who should I listen to?

 Who should I listen to?


Gathering information about footy is done on two levels.  Firstly, there is the pure enjoyment level.  You watch a TV show about footy or listen to the radio and it is fun.  It may be humorous; or partly funny and also entertaining.  There is nothing wrong with this, of course.  Footy is meant to be fun – especially when your team is winning.


Then there is the serious stuff.  You want to know who is in and who is out; why a team is underperforming. Has team A really improved?  Or is it a mere flash in the pan?  Below are the longggey website recommendations for getting good info.  Others not listed may be good sources of data as well, but this is a personal list developed over some years.  This list is very Victorian-centric and may miss some good people in other states.


Adam White (see links for his twitter page) specialises in who is going to play and who isn’t.  He is also a keen analyst of footy form.  If Adam tells us a player is out, we should believe him rather than the Thursday night team sheet.  He is on Sport 927 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings as a general rule.

Mark Robinson  has a great love and feel for the game.  He seems to be a good reader of the individual players and the team psyche.  Mark writes for the Herald Sun and also is on SEN 1116 on Mondays at 1.00 PM and also Saturdays at 11.00 AM.  Also regularly on The Run Home 4 – 7 PM most Thursdays.


Dermie takes some getting used to, but he is interesting and takes you into the playing side of things.  He can spot strengths and weaknesses in players and teams that most of us don’t see.  He is generally on SEN 1116 on Mondays at 4.00 PM and Saturdays at 11.00 AM.  Also does some special comments for match days.  Remember, you don’t have to know everything that is going on when you watch a game of footy; you just need to listen to someone who does.  For those who struggle with his style of speech, a book on the subject of Dermatology may help J.


Mick Malthouse doing special comments (SEN 1116 on some Friday nights).  The benefit here is to hear Mick comment without the huge stress of his own team playing.  He is so much more relaxed.  He gives you a coach’s insight into the game.


Mark Maclure on ABC 774 match days pulls no punches and gives you a player’s perspective on the game.  Good insight; and he can often pick the trend of the game early.


Most coaches and some players give you a good look at the club from the inside (where most fans can never go themselves).  Often, you have to read between the lines of what they are saying.  The AFL website gives you most post-match interviews each week.  But, unlike listening to the experts above, deciphering coach talk can be a bit of an art – made easier by understanding each coach and how they operate.

 The AFL Website
gives a good preview every Tuesday evening called: In the mix.  It gives a report of the possible changes for the upcoming round.

There are many other fine experts, callers and commentators, but this is a quick list to get you started.


PS:  Some experts give good information, but it is more administration related (umpiring rulings; where the game is headed; how the AFL is handling a certain situation etc).  So it is very useful, but not designed to assist the analyst.