Wrong Ron Gets interrupted 04Jun2010

Added 04 June 2010

Psycho Anna Liszt:  Ron, where have you been? You’ve missed the last few appointments?

Wrong Ron:  Hi, Psycho Anna; I just wanted to wait until the Tigers won a game

PAL:  I may have been waiting for years!  But congratulations to you on the win

WR:  Nothing to do with me, but what a great win

PAL:  Good, now let’s get right down to business

WR:  Well, this is what I… {door bursts open and in comes an unknown man who looks distressed}

Receptionist: Sorry, I tried to stop him but…

PAL:  Whoever you are… get out!

WR:    No, wait. He looks like he needs more help than me; I’ll wait

PAL:  Who are you, then?
Man: I am Longggey and I have a big problem!

WR:    I’ll leave

Longggey: No, stay. Perhaps you can assist

PAL:  What seems to be the problem

Longggey:  I am running this footy analysis website and for three weeks now I have tipped certs that lost.  Last week two of my certs lost

PAL:  Give me an idea of the size of the problem

Longggey: I am supposed to be helping people by giving them clues to avoid footy tipping errors; but I am making too many

PAL:  Are there any positives?

Longggey:  Well, my normal tipping is going just okay and my weighted tipping is pretty good

PAL:  All right then; so we don’t have all blue skies then, as the global warming people say

Longggey:  What should I do other than offer an apology

PAL:  How good is your analysis?

Longggey:  I think it’s excellent overall, but I reckon I have been too ambitious with some certs.  I also note that the Bombers have featured in three of my four incorrect certs for the year

PAL:  Now we are getting somewhere

Longggey:  So maybe I will be careful about the Bombers games because of their wild fluctuations in form

PAL:  Fine; now how do you feel

Longggey:  Like I can face the world again

PAL:  Go out there and do it. Stick to your analysis and push through this little mid season slump you are in

Longggey:  Thanks; I’ll pay at the counter.  See you!

WR:    Can Longggey stay?  He is a footy guy who may be able to assist; and then write about me

PAL:  Fine by me; but let me know if you begin to feel uncomfortable

WR:    Anyway, it goes back to 1982/83 time frame when I decided to barrack for the Tigers, having weighed up between them, the Blues and the Hawks.  I went for the Tigers and they began 1983 on a big losing sequence.  I got into a fight with a big kid from school.  He blamed me for the Tigers losing; said that they were flying until I became a supporter.  Because of the fighting, mum had to pick me up from school a couple of days and she had a bad car accident on the way to school one day.  Dad was really furious and blamed me for the whole thing.  I was only six years old

PAL:  Tell us how you felt?

WR:    I felt like a bad person.  I wasn’t able to process it well.  I believed my dad when he said my mum’s car accident was my fault.  And I felt worse every time the Tigers lost

PAL:  Go back to those times and feel the emotion

WR:    It’s so painful

PAL:  What do you feel?

WR:    It’s all my fault!  Mum’s accident; she had her arm in a sling for weeks.  Richmond’s losing streak which has gone on more or less for 27 years

PAL:  Okay, now listen to me

WR:    Huh.

PAL:  You were only a little boy.  Your mother was driving the car and you weren’t in the car to distract her, right?

WR:    Yes.

PAL:  And what if today a six year old boy told you that he was responsible for a car accident his mother had while he was not in the car?

WR:    That’s totally ridiculous; I’d tell him he was innocent

PAL:  Exactly; now go back and feel the emotion surrounding your mum’s car accident and tell me what happens

WR:   Right; I’m there in my mind.  Oh, it’s all my fault

PAL:  Now come back

WR:    Yes

PAL:  Why was it your fault?

WR:    I just can’t remove it from my emotions

PAL:  Now go back to the kid at school who blamed you for Richmond losing and feel the emotion once more

WR:    Yes, I am there.  Same thing!  It’s all my fault, too.  Every Richmond loss
PAL:  Now come back to the present and evaluate it logically

WR:    Why do I feel guilty for all this? But I feel totally to blame whenever Richmond loses!

PAL:  So here is a principle to learn.  Whenever your emotional response to a current situation is way over the top or totally inappropriate, it is likely to refer back to a childhood or family issue that is not resolved.  And until it is resolved, you will find yourself believing the lies from back then and, in a sense, you will be trapped.  That’s why you feel so bad about Richmond.  The last three decades of Richmond Football Club history is just a coincidence.

WR:    All right; so I, as a child, believed some lies.  So now I am trapped.  And that leads to this sort of depression I have.

PAL:  Correct!

WR:    Lies; trapped; depression

PAL:  That’s the order

WR:    Or, in other words: Falsehood, Prison, Blues

PAL:  Yes

WR:    Hmmmm (counting his CASH)

Falsehood, Prison, Blues

I feel another song coming on:


While Freo showed they’re comin’

And Melbourne’s on the mend

Us Tigers finally won a game just last weekend

We’re stuck down on the bottom, and time keeps draggin’ on

There is light way down that tunnel – although the tunnel’s long


Back in the early eighties I was told by my mum

The Tigers won’t be any good til next millennium

And I see small signs of progress, but I can’t deny

That for nearly thirty years now, all I’ve done is cry


I hope that new coach Hardwick is going to be the man

So long he drafts well and doesn’t give us five year plans

And until I kick those lies out, I know I can’t be free

But I’m not sure I can do it, and that’s what bothers me…


I have felt like I’m in prison, when we’re losing all the time

But if I take Anna’s advice my mental state will climb

Far from wooden spooner, that’s where I want to stay

And the next time we play Carlton, I’ll blow those Blues away


PAL:  Now you see how to solve the problem; you just need to be able to convince yourself deep down that Richmond losing is not your fault

WR:    Right! I have the idea and I’ll work on it

PAL:  Good

WR:    But it’s all my fault!  There I go again!

PAL:  Work on it and report back. I’ll see you soon

Longggey:  All the best, Wrong Ron, for your recovery.  And thanks for letting me barge in.  By the way, the Saints are certs to beat the Tigers tonight

PAL:  But win, lose or draw, Wrong Ron, you know what you need to do

WR:    Correct.  Goodbye, Psycho Anna and Longggey