Wrong Ron gets ready for Tigers vs Dees

Wrong Ron gets ready for Tigers vs Dees (Round 4, 2010)

Wrong Ron visits Psycho Anna Liszt just before the Richmond / Melbourne game

Psycho Anna Liszt: How are things going, Wrong Ron?

Wrong Ron: Well, I couldn’t get back to my earliest memory, so I went away for the weekend and went fishing – no media; just fishing. Now I am ready for the rampant Tigers to smash the Dees. By the way, how did we go against Sydney?

PAL: The good news is that you almost won the second half.

WR: Great! So we went down narrowly?

PAL: By a slim 55 points.

WR: Well, that’s our closest game so far. The good news is that Melbourne will be shattered – having almost beaten the Pies and then getting smashed by Adelaide.

PAL: Wrong, Wrong Ron! Melbourne gave the Crows a start and a beating.

WR: What! Adelaide has NO RIGHT to play the Dees into form. That’s OUR job!

PAL: Also, some Tigers misbehaved. You have four players suspended by the club for the Melbourne match.

WR: Why is this happening to me? {starts fossicking through some papers}

PAL: What are you doing?

WR: Checking the fixture to see when we play Dimboola thirds!

PAL: You don’t seem to be taking this news too well.

WR: Can you prescribe me something? It needs to be potent for me to cope.

PAL: On occasions, I do recommend prescription drugs, but that solution can also become its own problem. If that happens, you will find yourself in pharmageddon!

WR: Oh, I don’t want to go there. What do we need to do?

PAL: Well, a wise man once said, “You will know the truth; and the truth will set you free!”

WR: Sounds good! Who said that?

PAL: Off the top of my head, I think it was Tim Watson’s grandfather.

WR: So what is the truth – apart from the fact that we have been whacked three times in a row?

PAL: Well, that’s why we need you to trace back to your earliest memory of this “feeling bad about Richmond” thing. So how about you go and watch the Tigers this weekend and then come back and we’ll talk again. And be positive about the Tigers this week. Maybe the suspensions will be a positive spur.

WR: I will live in hope for another week and then I’ll see you again.